STAFF PICKS: Turn Blue – The Black Keys

By: Seth Bode

The Black Keys latest album, “Turn Blue,” is totally rocking.

The Keys’ eighth studio album, “Turn Blue,” debuted after the release of two singles from the album. “Fever,” an upbeat catchy song, and “Turn blue,” which the album gets its namesake.


“Fever”’s unique sound comes from its strong beat that the entire song seems to follow. Patrick Carney, drummer, leads the song with a steady beat, while Dan Auerbach, lead guitarist and vocalist, lays down a bluesy riff. This catchy rhythmic song will keep you playing it on repeat.

Where “Fever” is more upbeat, “Turn Blue” has more a mellow Pink Floyd sound to it. Once again Pat’s setting the pace of the song with the drums. While Pat lays down a distortion filled, chord progression. All together the song has a relaxing smooth sound.

The song “Weight of Love,” though not as commercially popular as “Fever” or “Turn Blue,” would be sorely missed by any Black Keys fan, new or old. The track features long instrumental segments, that seem to have a voice of their own. The song features multiple lead guitars, a bass guitar, and of course Pat, doing an awesome job on the drums. The song is truly a beautiful piece of the album.

The album took a turn form the usual garage band, blues sound featured in their previous album “El Camino.” “Turn Blue” returns to the tone featured in the band’s hit album “Brothers.” Dan was getting over a divorce during the recording of “Turn Blue.” As a result the album’s tone differed from past albums and has a more collected, calm, and occasionally psychedelic feel.

Overall, the album shows how The Black Keys sound has changed over the years and grown greater with age.