Sawyer Steele Commits to College Team

By: Laura Batten

(Monday September 21, 2015 3_24 PM, EDT)
Sawyer Steele has been playing baseball since he was five years old. Now a senior at Newnan High School, Steele has taken the next step to furthering his baseball career by committing to Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

 “Going somewhere to play ball in college has always been my motivation and goal. It made me to strive to be the best player possible,” Sawyer noted.   

Steele has played a vital role on Newnan’s baseball team since his sophomore year, when he began as the starting pitcher on the varsity lineup.

Aside from playing for the Cougars, Steele plays for the Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) national champions, the Georgia Road Runners, where he has “gotten to meet and play with several D1 players and draftees.”

It has been a great run for Steele, and though he looks forward to what Chattahoochee Valley has to offer, he commented that “putting the cougar jersey on for the last time will be bittersweet because of all the memories [he’s] made at the Joe Pope field.”