Meet the Newest Faculty at NHS: Volume 1

Newnan High School began the 2015-2016 school year with a few additions to the teaching staff.  Here are a few of the new faces you will see on NHS’s campus. The Prowl and Growl will publish a series of profiles on new staff members introducing them to Cougar Nation.

(PHOTO, courtesy of Kobito)

Mr. Kobito

By: Julia Sanders

Meet Mr. Kobito! He is the new music teacher at Newnan High School. His every day is busy because he teaches Concert Band, co-teaches Symphonic Winds, and he will be teaching AP Music Theory this spring.

As a high schooler himself, Mr. Kobito, was busy and involved in school. He was a wrestler, a swimmer, a runner, did ballet, and the captain of his school’s soccer team. Throughout his high school and college carrier, he was the president of Tri-M and was a member of National Honors Society.

When asked what his least favorite subject was in school, he replied, “I really didn’t have one… I had some teachers that made some classes more painful than others, but I really love/loved school!”

He graduated from the University of Georgia. Mr. Kobito said that in his spare time he cheers on his “Georgia Bulldogs every chance [he] get[s]!”

Of course, Mr. Kobito’s favorite school subject was Music, but he commented that “A close second one would be literature. I actually attended the Governor’s Honors Program for Communicative Arts!”

His favorite type of music is Classical Music. In fact, he said that “I love going to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and other group that performs classical music.”

Mr. Kobito said he wanted to be a teacher because he had amazing teachers in the past. “I’ve had some really inspirational teachers in my life that have not only given me an immense appreciation for their subject, but that also have shaped who I was as a person overall.”

Mr. Kobito’s favorite thing about teaching at Newnan High School is that he likes the people in Newnan. “The people in Newnan are amazing. I love my colleagues and the community. The students here represent what an amazing place Newnan is.”

(PHOTO courtesy of Chandler)

Mrs. Chandler

By: Julia Sanders

Meet Mrs. Chandler, who teachers 9th grade Visual Arts at Newnan High School.

Mrs. Chandler graduated from the University of Georgia. She got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education.

Like Mr. Kobito, Mrs. Chandler was really involved in afterschool activities. In high school, she was in Key Club, Beta Club, SADD, and National Honors Society. In college, she was in NSCS and SWAB (Shop with a Bulldog).

When she was a student, she hated Physics, while she loved Art and Math. Her love for Art explains why she is now an Art teacher!

Her favorite type of music is Alternative, Indie, and Acoustic.

She decided to be a teacher because she wanted to help students to “reach their full potential, and also provide them with a creative outlet to express themselves.”

Her favorite thing about Newnan is “the Newnan High staff and students.” She says she loves Newnan because “it is such a positive work environment and everyone truly enjoys being here.”

(PHOTO, Farr)

Mrs. King Fregoso

By: Kaylee Farr

This is a big year for Mrs. Fregoso; she’s getting used to the NHS campus and her new last name. “I just got married on July 10, so I’m loving getting used to my new last name – Fregoso.”

Mrs. Fregoso commented on her experience at NHS so far.  “My favorite thing about working at Newnan High School is the students. I absolutely love working with the age range! I really like the diversity of the students here at Newnan High School.”

Mrs. Fregoso comes from a family of teachers. Her interest in teaching was apparent, even at a young age.

“I have always been a teacher. My mom, aunts, and grandmother were all teachers. In kindergarten my teacher sent a letter home saying, ‘Stephanie needs to learn she’s not the teacher.’ So it was quite obvious from a young age what my calling was. It brings me joy to help students and reach new levels of success.”

When Mrs. Fregoso was in high school, she worked on the yearbook staff and served as a member of honor society. Mrs. Fregoso commented on her background in sports.

“I did not play sports in high school. In college I took an ‘easy’ softball class, because I needed one more credit to stay a full time student. I accidentally caught a fly ball once and both sides cheered! I am very competitive academically…but hand-eye coordination is not one of my strengths.”

Mrs. Fregoso  received her undergraduate and master’s degree in math and science from the University of West Georgia.  Mrs. Fregoso now teaches algebra.