NHS Family Literacy Night Will Host Chris Crutcher This April

UPDATED: April 19th, 2016

By: Rachel Adams

Newnan High School’s annual Family Literacy Night is always fun for students, parents, and children of every age, and this year is already proving to be no different.

Held in April each year, Don Nixon Literacy Night features speakers from all genres, ready and willing to talk about their books, their interests, and what it is that makes them love what they do. This year will feature Young Adult novelist Chris Crutcher discussing his literacy, bullying, and how students can “push the envelope” in positive ways.

Chris Crutcher Save the Date


DURING THE DAY: Students from Newnan High School, Northgate High School and East Coweta High School have the opportunity to hear Crutcher speak in Newnan’s main auditorium.  He will talk to students about the power of reading for pleasure, as well as writing and the difficulties of being in high school today.

THAT EVENING: At 6 pm, Don Nixon Literacy Night will take place at the Center for Performing and Visual Arts.  There attendees will meet with local authors, learn more about promoting literacy at home, and hear Chris Crutcher speak.  The first 150 attendees will receive a signed Chris Crutcher book.  Once he is done speaking, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the author.  All are invited to attend this awesome evening.

Review of Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher

FullSizeRender (1)
Whale Talk is one of Crutcher’s many award winning books. (PHOTO, Bode)

Whale Talk provides an insightful look into the life of a not-so-average teenage boy, T.J. Jones, a student athlete who refuses to join any school sports because of childhood anger management problems. When a teacher at his school starts a swim team and convinces Jones to be the captain, Jones, with help from his new teammates, eliminates the stereotype of the “star athlete.”



The stack of Crutcher's books featured in the NHS Media Center. (PHOTO, Bode)
The stack of Crutcher’s books featured in the NHS Media Center. (PHOTO, Bode)

Dr. Kelli Sowerbrower, NHS’s Literacy Coordinator, says Chris Crutcher, an author and former psychologist, “has written multiple award-winning books”, many of which have been banned at some schools because of their more adult topics and controversial standings.  Some of his titles include Period 8, Anger Management, Deadline, and Ironman.

Family Literacy Night will be held April 21, 2016 and will feature talks during the day as well as the evening from Crutcher.