Trevor Roberts Lifts His Way into the USA Weightlifting National Junior Championship

By: Anna Brumby

Trevor Roberts, NHS senior, qualified to go to the 2016 USA Weightlifting National Junior Championship to be held in Valley Forge, Philadelphia, PA, in February  2016.

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Roberts’ interest was sparked by one of his, now best friends, River Webb. Webb’s mother owns Tower Place Crossfit in Newnan, Georgia, where the two began their journey, which produced an exciting and unexpected outcome.

“At first I didn’t see where this would lead me, it all began as a way of working out to bulk up, considering I was a twig a little over a year ago,” said Roberts, “now I’m practically three times the size I was.”

Weightlifting started as just a recreational hobby for Roberts, but now he plans to continue with competitive weightlifting through college.

Roberts had only been training for four to five month before his qualifying meet for Nationals.

“I’ve been weightlifting for about a year now, but I only began Olympic training around four to five months ago,” said Roberts, “Training four to five days out of the week was definitely a challenge, but it helped me strengthen my time-management skills.”

Juggling a part-time job at Chick-Fil-A, a worship leader in his youth group band at Crossraods Church, and a full-time, school-spirited student, Roberts also has taken on dual-enrollment classes at the University of West Georgia, along with AP courses at Newnan for his senior year, and has been able to hold to a high GPA as a result of his dedication to his studies.

Continually training throughout each week paid-off in the short run before Roberts could even begin to see the full, long term benefits of his choice to begin weightlifting. Shortly after beginning his intensive training regiment, Roberts was already headed to the Junior Nationals.

Roberts gives enormous credit and gratitude toward all his trainers. “My biggest motivator and encourager, is River for sure.” Roberts explained, “He is always working out with me, and pushing me to do my best.” Roberts also mentioned Kristi and Tommy Collins, Ben Brown, Katrina Watts, and Joel Woolcutl as contributors to his training and success.

His favorite event at meets and competitions is the Snatch event, and he explained that his favorite memory of weightlifting is from his qualifying meet performing it.

Roberts explained, “My favorite muscles to work are my back and shoulders, because when I put any bar over my head is when I feel the strongest.” Furthermore, Roberts said, “The hardest muscle for me to work are my legs because they’re little chicken legs, and it is definitely difficult if you don’t work them out on a regular basis. That’s why they say don’t skip leg day.”

Roberts is excited to see where the training and competing leads. He doesn’t plan on making it a career, but keeping it as a recreational part of his life.

He also plans on scheduling at least one or two more competitions before he goes to Nationals. “It’ll be such a cool experience, I cannot wait to go to the Junior Nationals,” Roberts expressed.