Meet the Newest Faculty at NHS: Volume 2

Newnan High School began the 2015-2016 school year with a few additions to the teaching staff.  Here are a few of the new faces you will see on NHS’s campus. The Prowl and Growl will publish a series of profiles on new staff members introducing them to Cougar Nation.

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Mrs. Morris in the hallway. (PHOTO, Farr)

Mrs. Morris

By: Kaylee Farr

Mrs. Lisa Morris is Newnan High School’s new Food Nutrition and Wellness and Food for Life teacher.

Mrs. Morris graduated from the University of West Georgia and has earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education but has also added a math degree and is certified to teach Family and Consumer Science.

During high school and college, Mrs. Morris did not play sports. “I would have loved to play sports in high school, but I went to a very small private school, and sports were not offered,” she said.

Mrs. Morris did not join any clubs while in high school or college, which she still says is her biggest regret.

When asked what her favorite subject is, Mrs. Morris enthusiastically said math,  “Math! I love math! It makes logical sense. It’s like solving a puzzle.”

Mrs. Morris listens to, and enjoys, a variety of music ranging from classical to country to hip-hop and shared that Kenny Rogers is her favorite artist.

When Mrs. Morris was growing up, her teachers had an important influence on her eventual career decisions. “My math and science teachers from high school made such a difference in my life as a teenager,” Mrs. Morris said. As a result, she wanted to provide the same educational benefits to students that her teachers provided her.  

Mrs. Morris enjoys working and coaching at NHS. “I love being able to connect to the students, cook on Wednesdays, and I cannot tell you how much I love being the cross country coach.  We have such a great group of dedicated runners,” she said.

In her spare time, Mrs. Morris takes pictures and even has her own business, Lisa-Marie Photography. Mrs. Morris particularly enjoys taking students’ senior pictures.

Mr. Ross stops for a quick photo between classrooms. (PHOTO, Sanders)

Mr. Ross

By: Julia Sanders

Meet Mr. Andrew Ross! He co-teaches Physical Science and Biology at Newnan High School.

He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Health and Physical Education.

Mr. Ross loved sports, which is why he played baseball and football in high school, and was known to hit a home run or two in college baseball as well.  

In college, Mr. Ross was in the Health and Physical Education Club and majored in Health and Physical Education.

His least favorite subject in school was Art, and his most favorite subject in school was World History.

He often rocks out to his favorite band, The Beatles, and mentioned that rock and roll is his favorite type of music.

Mr. Ross says he wanted to be a teacher because “I have always wanted to work with kids and help them on the right path in life. I have also always wanted to coach and get kids in college.”

Mr. Ross enjoys teaching at NHS because he says, “The atmosphere of the school is great. The staff and students are enjoyable, and I like my classes and the students I teach.”

When Mr. Ross is not teaching, grading papers, or planning classes, he is working on his Master’s degree.
When he has spare time, Mr. Ross enjoys reading his favorite book, “A Praying Life”, and watching the Star Wars movies.

Mrs. Martin outside her classroom. (PHOTO, Farr)

Mrs. Martin

By: Kaylee Farr

Among the new teachers at NHS, Mrs. Mary Martin represents the science department as the new A.P. Physics teacher.

Mrs. Martin attended Eastern Kentucky University as well as National Louis University, where she received degrees in mathematics, physical science and curriculum and instruction.

In high school, Mrs. Martin played basketball. She was also in numerous extracurricular activities ranging from History and Beta clubs to Academic Bowl and Governor’s Honors. She was a member of the student Senate and judicial board in college.

Even though Mrs. Martin teaches A.P. Physics, she said that her favorite subject is literature and least favorite is math.

Mrs. Martin enjoys ballads, and her newest find was the “Ballad of Love and Hate.”

She enjoys reading and really liked The Martian this past summer. “I think it will make a great movie,” she stated about the book.   

Mrs. Martin’s main influence is her father who was a counselor and football coach. “I admire his positive influence on the students,” she commented.

Mrs. Martin’s favorite thing about working at NHS so far is her students.