STUDENT POETRY: October Edition

The beginning of October brings Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as Halloween to the forefront of people’s calendars. NHS students have written poems to celebrate both.

“Look Out for the Lady in Pink” 

By: Maddie Cramer. 9th

She is no superwoman,

With fists of steel that punch out justice.

But she has more strength than us all.

She is no Batgirl,

Saving the city from nefarious villains.

But every day she battles the toughest enemy. 

She is no Spider woman,

With powers allowing her to save the world.

But she has more bravery even though she struggles to save herself.

She is no comic book heroine

With the ability to withstand enormous pain.

But every day she conquers chemo.

She is no Wonder woman

With wealth, riches, and fame.

But she has the power to inspire millions.

So look out for the lady in pink

With the biggest heart and compassion.

For breast cancer is a formidable foe

But he has no chance against a girl.

“I Live”

By: Olivia Goodall, 9th

I’m strong, I’m a survivor

this cancer didn’t know it was attacking a fighter.

Many lives it takes and I’m not saying it won’t take me

but if it does it won’t be easy because I might have cancer

but cancer doesn’t have me.

I might be dying inside but on my face you will not see

it can take my body but only to set my soul free.

I’m going to fight even when I get tired

I’m a strong fighting survivor.

I’m going to live my life for I will not give

whether I survive or die this cancer did not stop me

because I still lived.

Stack of Poetry. (PHOTO, Schindler)
Stack of Poetry. (PHOTO, Schindler)


By: Riley Ballard, 9th

Ghosts, ghouls, vampires too

Witches search the dark for you

Pumpkins light the night


By: Ivan Goodall, 9th

I look in the mirror and suddenly I’m gone

all traces of my existence disappeared as soon as I put my mask on.

I transformed into this new creature…make believe

I only get one shot a year to scare all who look at me.

I take a deep breath and I get into place

the first child is running to my door but stops the minute she sees’ my face.

She takes off running back towards the street

I scared her so badly she didn’t get a chance to say, “Trick or Treat”.

I smile inside but my job has just begun for it’s Halloween so there are plenty more children to come.


By: Natalia Warthen, 9th

Pumpkins and potions and phantom-filled pranks,

Disgusting fake devils where the room is dark and dank,

Cobwebs and cauldrons and eerie black cats,

Bubbling brews with rotten bones and bewitching bats.

These may all be part of the horrifying Halloween,

With magic and mazes and mysterious mummies that are mean,

But my favorite part of the petrifying season made to pretend

Is the fearful “ah” that comes after a “boo” to a frightened friend.


By: Janie Edgar, 9th

Jack-o-lanterns everywhere

Laughter’s in the air

Kids in their costumes

Going door to door

Asking for the candy that they dressed up for

What will it be this time, they wonder?

Will it be lollipops, chocolate, or candy corn?

They get their candy

Then they move on

To go knock on a new door

And the cycle begins once more

“The Ultimate Fright”

By: Will Thomas, 9th 

The skeletons

Run up the street

Scaring everyone they meet

The ghouls

Hide in the brush

Spooking people as they rush

The vampires

Wait in the night

Giving everyone a fright

The werewolves

They howl with glee

Attempting to scare you and me

All the goblins, the creeps,

The crawlies, the ghosts

Try to scare their victims the most

And when they all unite

They give us the ultimate fright!
“Hasn’t she?”

Katlynn Parnell, 11th

The tree always taps on the window at night

The wind always dances through her limbs and leaves

Yet tonight, the wind seems to toss them around.

My floor boards have always creaked during the night

They will randomly moan and cry just from age

Yet tonight, they seem to warn and caution me to stay alert.

My closet always has a crack in it

If I ever closed it, my dog could never sleep inside on her bed

Yet tonight, the closet doesn’t seem so inviting.

My dog has always had deep yellow eyes…

Hasn’t she?