Counselors’ Corner: Question 1

By: Ellie Waters

Every now and then, the NHS Counseling Office reflects on their own life and how they arrived at where they are now. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from the Counseling Staff at NHS.

image (3)
Portraits of Counseling Office done by NHS students. (PHOTO, Waters)

“If I could tell my high school self one thing, it would be…”


Lasiter: Be confident in who you are!

Lewis: Leave the boys alone…focus on school…go to the United States Naval Academy…cherish your friendships.

Noe: Pay attention to your grades in high school classes and do not be the class goof off. Listen to what your Mama says because Mama is always right. Be your own person and respect everyone all the time and enjoy what you are doing.

Sweatman: Never settle.

Edwards: Focus less on the social aspect, and more on your academics.