Atlanta Welcomed George Ezra For The First Time

By: Sophia Bonomi

George Ezra and band onstage at the Buckhead Theatre. (PHOTO, Bonomi)

On September 29th, artist George Ezra performed at Buckhead Theathre for the first time.

The doors opened at 7:00, and the opening act began at 8:00. Dillion Leblanc performed 5 songs, and George Ezra came out shortly afterwards.

Buckhead Theatre was completely packed- there wasn’t room for a person to turn around. The theatre’s stage was floored with a Turkish carpet and several suitcases lined the edge of the stage.

Ezra and his band opened with “Cassy O,'” a hit song on his latest album, “Wanted on Voyage.”

He also performed “Barcelona,” “Spectacular Rival,” “Blame It on Me,” “Song 6,” “Blind Man in Amsterdam” and “Listen to the Man,” which are all tracks on his most recent album.

George Ezra standing on stage talking to the crowd. (PHOTO, Bonomi)

In between most songs, Ezra would give information about his songs. For example, Ezra spoke about his lengthy yet wonderful journey through Europe, which was where he got inspiration for many of the songs, including “Barcelona.” 

During his solo performances, the band would come off and on stage. There were several songs where it was only Ezra and his guitar.

Ezra switched guitars several times during his performance, including an appearance of his famous “glittery guitar.”

During the concert, Ezra needed the audience to be his chorus. The crowd did their best to hit the rights notes, and Ezra would throw a thumbs up in return.

The crowd went wild when Ezra left the stage and began chanting “One more song!” Moments later, Ezra ran back onto stage with his guitar and started singing “Do You Hear The rain?”

Fans sang their heart out for the last song, threw roses on stage and then waved goodbye to Ezra as he blew a kiss to the crowd.

When the lights turned on, the audience swarmed to the souvenir booth to buy shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, CDs and more.