STAFF PICKS: Imagine Dragons’ Latest Album “Smoke and Mirrors” Should Dominate Your Playlist

By: Sophia Bonomi

“Smoke and Mirrors” presents new sounds from a band associated with an innovative sound. (PHOTO, Bonomi)

American rock band, Imagine Dragons, released Smoke and Mirrors on February 17, 2015. The highly anticipated album was self-produced by the band members, and it was written by lead singer, Dan Reynolds, in hotel rooms during their last world tour. The music reflects Dan’s thoughts as well as his feeling from his energetic life.

The group has songs that combine rhythmic melodies, rock songs, and sing-a-long pop. All together, the albums succeeds in leaving the listener wanting more.

Similar to the band’s previous single hit, “Radioactive,” “I Bet My Life” is a definite crowd pleaser with it’s singalong chorus and folky vibe. It is the lead single of the album and was heard by any who listened to the radio.

The song, “Smoke + Mirrors,” incorporates many unique instruments and lyrics. Reynolds’ lyrics question the reality we live in, wondering if what we believe is simply a mirage to distract ourselves from the cruel truths of life.

In the song “Polaroid,” Reynolds’ uses two common phrases, the “fast lane” and a runaway “freight train,” to show how face-paced his life feels. The song does not seem to get going and is disappointedly flat.

“Gold” features distinctive harmonies with tribal chanting in the background. The song shows off Reynolds’ impressive vocals and has been a guaranteed hit.

Overall, “Smoke + Mirrors” has a variety of songs that attract all listeners. Since, their first album, “Night Visions,” Imagine Dragons has been constantly creating sounds that differ from other artists.

Imagine Dragons adds another alternative sound to Alternative Rock, and they have defiantly gone out of their way to mix things up in their latest “Smoke + Mirrors” album.