STUDENT POETRY: Wiles’ Wacky Limericks

By: Dylan Wiles

Wiles stands in front of a sign on a door that reads
Wiles stands in front of a sign on a door that reads “DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE.” (PHOTO, Wiles)


Shall I tell the tale of the tailless horse?

Her lack of such caused much remorse.

She would neigh all day,

Such a tragic display

That just left the poor horse hoarse.


There once was a student so prudent and wise,

But she one day forgot her school supplies,

So she asked her neighbor

Yet he couldn’t save her

And she then had to improvise.


Have you heard of the nerd who loved to learn?

Exorbitant workloads were of no concern.

He’d observe and inquire

And leave school inspired

While eager for his own return.


Have you met the procrastinator?

What’s due now he’ll do it later.

Who knows when

He’ll turn it in?

He’s probably lost his paper.


Sometimes Johnny Boy plays the flute

His fingers nimble and ears acute,

But if you say

Johnny can’t play

Well, he’ll say nothing, Johnny’s mute.


Mr. Wright used to write with his right hand.

Every day he’d jot notes on his night stand.

Then in October,

His hand got run over

And now his right hand won’t work right again.