Two Weeks until NHS Hoopfest! (Application in Article)


(NHS Hoopfest application provided below)


Newnan High School will be “Hooping it up for Literacy” this month.

In celebration of Chris Crutcher’s upcoming visit this Spring, NHS will be hosting its very own Hoopfest on November 18 after school in the Old Gym.

Hoopfest will be a three on three basketball tournament, and student teams will be competing for the title of NHS Hoopfest Champs.

Students will be able to submit their application to either Mrs. Bonomi or Dr. Sowerbrower through November 6. Student teams can have up to four players, so each team can rotate one player as a substitute.

Students should submit a completed application along with a $12 registration fee (per group). All proceeds from the event will be donated to the NHS Literacy Department.

Rules for Applicants:

  • No Varsity Basketball players
  • Only Newnan High School students
  • Team members do not have to be in the same grade
  • Sportsmanship rules are on the back and require a signature from each team player.  
  • Basic basketball rules for 3 on 3 will be handed out when the team makes the final payment of $12.

Cougar Hoopfest Rules for Sportsmanship

  1. Show respect for your opponents. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat your opponent the way you would want them to treat you.
  2. Show respect for the monitors. Court monitors are trained and expected to be impartial guides and arbitrators of Hoopfest games. Sportsmanship requires the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the monitors. Remember, monitors are volunteers; without them, there would be no Hoopfest!
  3. Know, understand, and appreciate the rules of Hoopfest. A familiarity with the rules of Hoopfest and the recognition of their necessity for a fair contest is essential. Good sportsmanship suggests the importance of conforming to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules. (Please note that Hoopfest rules allow for technical fouls or disqualification for severe cases of unsportsmanlike behavior.)
  4. Keep your cool! Sportsmanship requires the discipline to maintain your perspective no matter what happens in a game, whether you’re playing or watching.
  5. Cheer for your team and the other team! Applause for a good performance of an opponent is a demonstration of generosity and goodwill.