Driving Statistics Taken By NHS Driver’s Education Students Help Teach Driving Skills

By: Kaylee Farr

NHS Drivers Education students sit and watch for traffic violations.

Driver’s Education students were on Waterworks and Lagrange observing drivers and their bad driving habits, and they were taking careful notes.

The students said the experience showed them a different side to being behind the wheel.

“I realized that speeding was more prone than cell phone usage,” Shaylyn Marshall shared.

Throughout their observations, students observed the following infractions: cell phone usage, speeding, no safety belts, no safety seats, and unrestrained animals.

When watching driver’s behavior, students used tally marks when they saw infractions. After all blocks, tally infractions were averaged together.

Once student tallies were averaged out, and the following conclusions were made:

-36 infractions of speeding

-35 pavement marking infractions

-27 tailgating

-26 infractions of cell phone usage

-19 Safety belts and seats

-11 U-turns and loud music infractions

-9 Traffic light and jaywalking infractions

-4 unrestrained animal infractions.