NHS S.A.D.D. Club Met Famous Recording Artist at Downtown Kick Off Event

By: Loren Mccall

IMG_1256 (1)

The Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) Club along with Mrs. Nikki Henderson, NHS English Teacher and S.A.D.D. Sponsor, recently traveled to the Michael Barnes Amphitheatre to kick off Red Ribbon Week.

The Governor was in attendance as well as Ms. Georgia, who is now Ms. America. To everyone at the event’s surprise, the popular singer Silento was also there and performed on stage.

Mrs. Henderson explained how all of the club sponsors were drawn to the stage and were able to participate in the festivities.

“All of the sponsors and teachers were on stage, and they played the whip,” she said. “Of course we [were] all supposed to dance to it.”

But at first, the sponsors did not know Silento, the recording artist behind the popular song and dance move, was going to take the stage with them.

“They separated out the groups, then in comes this handsome young man, just a little bitty guy all dressed up, and we thought he must really be able to do the dance and [was] going to show us how to do it,” she commented. “Then he grabbed the microphone and sang it, and I realized this was him, this was THE guy.”

The S.A.D.D. Club began as the Students Against Drunk Driving but now reflects a larger focus on the dangerous and harmful actions affecting young adults.

Mrs. Henderson explained the club “focuses on all the teenagers [of] today.”

“In years past it was S.A.D.D. Students Against Drunk Driving,” she commented. “Now, that there are more problems than just students driving intoxicated, the name [has been] altered. This focuses on anything from suicide to drinking and drug use, specifically.”

For Red Ribbon Week, the S.A.D.D. Club plans to highlight some of the dangers teenage drivers face on the road and their decisions to get behind the wheel. The S.A.D.D. club plans on playing sound clips and partner with Natalie Bacho, the founder of Abby’s Angels, to expose the dangers and life altering decisions concerning teen drivers.

The S.A.D.D. Club will also begin a fundraiser for events focusing on improving the safety and decision making of teen drivers, including a demonstration involving a wrecked car.

Looking toward the spring and various school events in the future, the S.A.D.D. Club plans to help students make wise choices facing spring break, prom, and other activities.

“We plan to center that the time period right before Spring Break, Prom, all that when you see an increase in this destructive behavior,” Mrs. Henderson said.