NHS Science Teachers Receive Grant to Invest in Department Resources

Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hilton hold check with Dr. Puckett celebrating grant.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hilton and Mrs. Ellen Adams received a grant for $1490 from EMC to purchase technology that will work for students to be able to read fingerprints more clearly.

Mrs. Hilton explained that she and Mrs Adams first had to research and then write a proposal for the grant. In order to be eligible, they had to follow a set of guidelines and submit their proposal before the school year started.

“The process was not long,” Mrs Hilton said. “However, it was tedious because we had to answer questions and each question had a severe word limit.” Both Hilton and Adams edited the proposal multiple times before submitting it.

Mrs Adams said that they were worried they would lose clarity since they had to edit the proposal so much.

Their title of the grant was “Enhancing the Physical Sciences with Digital Microscopy.”

Adams and Hilton were determined to proceed with the grant after witnessing chemical reactions with a similar device in a class they took at West Georgia.

The science teachers plan to purchase technology that will work with the student iPads or Chromebooks, so students can study fingerprints clearly and videotape chemical reactions in progress to analyze them more closely as well.

The device will allow students to see what they cannot with their naked eye. It will magnify objects being observed and allow short video clips to be made.

Mrs Hilton explained that they plan to use the technology for crime scenes in forensics and physical science.