STUDENT POETRY: November Edition

Leaves are beginning to change and drop on NHS’ campus.

“Autumn Leaves”

By: Alyssa Rhodes 

Autumn leaves are falling,

The wind is softly calling,

Whispering, whistling, and whirling,

Dancing with their friends, the leaves.


Orange, red, and yellow

They flutter soft and mellow

Like ballerinas twirling round

Floating lightly to the ground.


I see you, pretty autumn,

Dressing trees in shades of fall,

Marigolds and pumpkins join you

Making smiles upon us all.
“A Name Forever Unknown”

By: Desiderio Walker

A name forever unknown

But oh how they have grown

No, no my name I cannot tell

A name that I cannot sell

Anonymous is all yet none

Anonymous is forever young

Anonymous alters itself

Anonymous is still stealth

Anonymous forever changing

Anonymous will never be the same

Anonymous is yet to blame

For both everything and nothing

Original yet it always sinks

Anonymous is what we are

Anonymous is as far as the eye can see

Anonymous is what we breathe

To be anonymous is what we seek

To live in silence at its peak

We who are anonymous are among you

Us who society makes blue

Anonymous is like the Sun

Everywhere but never at just one


By: Maddie Cramer

Thankful for a country where living isn’t surviving.

Thankful for a place where children can be raised in peace.

Thankful for a nation where I can be whoever I am called to be.

Thankful for a fortress where I know I am safe.

Thankful for a land where I can spread my beliefs.

Thankful for area where I can meet new people and cultures.

Thankful for a location where I can be friends with everyone.

Thankful for a region where I can live where I please.

Thankful for a state where I have opportunities to excel.

Thankful for a city where I can get an education and pursue my dreams.

Thankful for a town where I can grow up in loving people around me.

Thankful for home where my life can unravel.


Thankful for the World

By: Sarah Paschal

Thankful for the people who make up the world,

make it so much brighter so others can soar.

The dreaming, the inventors to create though their fails,

The curious, the explorers to first forge the trails.

The patient, the teachers to teach us life’s ways,

The wisest, the parents to help us through each day.

The callused, the farmers to sow all our meals,

The confident, the leaders to keep peace and make deals.

The uplifting, the friends to urge us to go on,

The inspiring, the artists to heal souls with their songs.

The creators, the authors to give us an escape,

The bravest, the soldiers to ensure our freedoms safe.

The listening, the animals to help share the load,

The future, the children to take roles down the road.

The giant community that we all can help build,

The encouraging, the supporting, the beautiful, the world.