Newnan Cougar Got a New Look

By: Haley Hendrix

Inspiration comes in many different forms. For Nick Petty, NHS senior, art is his form of inspiration.
“Art inspires me by the different ways people interpret it,” Nick stated. “To me, art is the feeling that music lovers feel when they listen to their music or make their own music.”


Nick Petty Jr. holds this year’s NHS homecoming shirt featuring his own interpretation of the Newnan Cougar.

Coming in a flurry of creativity, Nick was the artist behind the 2015 NHS homecoming t-shirts that impressed students and faculty alike.


“Mrs. Jennings printed off a few pictures of cougars. So, I combined three of them and free-styled the rest of it.”

Nick first started drawing at the age of two when his mother bought him a coloring book, and he would draw continuous circles on the page. Later on, he decided that he wanted to make something out of the colors and circles.

He took some years off from art and did not take his first art class until his ninth grade year, when he briefly attended East Coweta High School. After he finished Visual Arts I, his art teacher wanted to put him in AP Art.

Since then, he has taken Drawing I and II, Painting, Photography and AP Art at NHS.


When Nick needs a challenge in art, he turns to realism. To him anybody can draw a picture, but it takes a lot of talent and skill to draw it and make it look real.

“What I’ve learned from art is to just be yourself. When you be yourself, you don’t have to try to overachieve or force the artwork,” Nick reflected.
Sometimes art feels like a job to Nick, or maybe that feeling just reflects how seriously he takes his craft.

When people give him a topic that he doesn’t like, he has a hard time doing it, but when he’s passionate about it, then it’s one of the best feelings in the world while he’s creating.

Other than creating new works of art, Nick’s hobbies include music and basketball. He plays on a basketball travel team for AAU, and in his spare moments of free time, he makes beats and other music tracks.

Nick began designing this year. In the future, he wishes to continue designing and become a fashion designer, while he continues to create art as well as paint murals.

Nick will also be creating the designs for the 2015 Wrestling Team t-shirts and the 2015 Swim Team t-shirts.