NHS College and Career Week Focused on Student Success after Graduation

By: Ellie Waters

Newnan High School has been busy this fall prowling through college acceptance letters and college applications alike. This year’s College and Career Week helped get students focused as well as ready to begin planning life after graduation.

College and Career Week consisted of four days of college and post secondary preparatory information: Monday was NCAA Night, Tuesday consisted of the College and Career Community Fair and Financial Aid Sessions, Wednesday was COMPASS Testing and Thursday was Georgia Apply to College Day.


NHS Counseling staff worked around the clock for the duration of the four days and watched as students started making plans for their futures.


“On Monday night we had the NCAA awareness night. We had probably 60/65 parents and students who are college bound student athletes,” Mrs. Pam Lewis, Newnan High School’s Lead Counselor, noted. NCAA Awareness Night informed parents and students on the NCAA’s Clearinghouse registration concerned eligibility as well as the requirements for being an NCAA athlete.

On Tuesday night, NHS hosted a College and Career Community Fair which featured over 80 colleges and community organizations and businesses with 300 plus students and parents attending throughout the evening. Tuesday night also included two Financial Aid sessions hosted by Ben Meadows, Newnan’s regional representative from the Georgia Student Finance Commission, the agency over the HOPE Scholarship.

COMPASS testing took place at NHS on Wednesday during school hours.
“The COMPASS Test is the entrance exam for technical bound students,” Mrs. Lewis explained. “We did it all day through West Georgia Tech. They come and sponsor it, and we had two testing sessions.”

To cap off the final day of College and Career Week, NHS was busy with students filling out applications and sending their information to colleges throughout the region as well as the nation.

Mrs. Lewis remarked on how she was very pleased with the turn out and student participation.


“On Georgia Apply to College Day, we had approximately 150 students complete over 220 applications,” Mrs. Lewis said.

Newnan High School brought in principals, teachers and stakeholders from the community who came and helped students fill out their applications throughout the day. There were also different college admission representatives, and, of course, the Newnan High faculty who assisted throughout the day as well.

The NHS Counseling Department works extremely hard to advise and encourage students to get a head start thinking about colleges and postsecondary options and begin as early as possible.

The efforts of students, faculty and counselors did not go unnoticed or without noticeable reward. Mrs. Lewis reported that everyone’s efforts prompted this year’s largest early action admit class from NHS to the University of Georgia.

Mrs. Lewis said she and her fellow counselors were working closely with students early on and “making sure that they knew about what it takes to get into UGA early action.”

Lewis believes NHS could potentially be looking at 10% of the graduating class of 2016 being admitted to the UGA, and she further noted NHS is already well on its way with 6% of the senior class having already been accepted or still remaining in the pool of applicants.