“UH-OH. Here comes Christmas!” Was a Hit This Holiday Season!

Review by: Haley Fisher

On December 7th and 8th, the Drama ll class and all women’s choir put on the show, “UH-OH. Here Comes Christmas!” The play featured a plethora of different skits and stories with transitions of Christmas carols.


The performance opened with a few classic carols followed by the first story, “Trick or Treat,” preformed by Hannah Marriaga. This scene, the feeling of Christmas really wasn’t anything anymore. The joy and excitement was gone until a little refuge boy walked up with his one-man choir, spreading Christmas joy to all.


Of course there were many touching stories throughout the play. In “The Good Stuff,” featuring Madeleine Johnson, you realize some of the best things or ornaments you will ever have are from your child’s treasures.


The scene “Holiday Wedding” featured Luke Buckner, Will Harris and Rachel Whitney, and “Item #7” featured Abby Richardson as well as Alcin Steele.


Sometimes Christmas isn’t even a typical celebration. “Ponder” with Lauren Gaines goes over the story of Mary and Joseph and what it might have been like to be in their shoes. Or in “Midnight Clear,” performed by Haley Fisher, focuses on taking a break from the hectic season and being still and absorb what the world gives you.


In between all of the heart warming stories, you get a chuckle in here and there.


“Glitter”  by Abby Richardson gave insight on a child’s view of the holiday. Just by finding red glitter and with the right amount of joy, this section of the performance showed how you can celebrate an early Christmas.


In the “Christmas Pageant,” with Jonah Breedon, Lauren Gaines, Courtney Garrett, Kali Snyder, and Haley Fisher, no matter how much you want to put on a realistic show, having live animals in a church, on a Sunday morning, is just never a good idea.


From “Refrigerator & Confessions,” Chris Charles, Savannah DeVane, Eden Hart, Grace Shellabarger, and Kali Snyder, you cringe a little from the food habits; chuckle from the odd confessions from your family and smile from the family bonding and memories.


For the final scene, “The Juggler,” with Alex Boynton, Cheyenne Fifield, Laura Huff, Abby Richardson and Derrick Ward, closed the 12 Days of Christmas.


Though every part, story and song wasn’t reviewed, the whole thing was spectacular. The weeks of hard work and rehearsal time clearly payed off with the laughter, awes, and applause from the audience.