Need a Date? The NHS Media Center Has Students Covered

By: Paige Batten

NHS students mosey down to the media center to check out wrapped books where “don’t judge a book by its cover” is being strictly enforced.

The “Blind Date with a Book” table after a wave of interested readers. (PHOTO, Batten)

Each book is wrapped with enthusiasm and has been given its own title and description on the front. From the cover, students will only be able to judge the summary of the book and not the cover itself.

Students will have this opportunity to go on a blind date with a book for the month of February.

Mrs. Mayes, NHS Media Specialist, explained that her inspiration for “Blind Date with a Book” came from the fact that students will not be able to rely on simply picking out a book based on the cover. They have to branch out.

“I just wanted to broaden students interests and help them find books that would inspire them. I wanted them to pick up a book that they wouldn’t have picked up before. Also, it goes along with the holiday, and I wanted to make it fun. They all seem to like the idea of unwrapping the book,” Mrs. Mayes commented.

The students aren’t the only ones who enjoy “Blind Date with a Book.” Many of the volunteers who helped make the arrangement ideal like the affects of this literary “dating service” too.

IMG_2554 (2)
NHS 9th graders look through their blind date options. (PHOTO, Batten)

Frances Arnall, NHS senior and a volunteer in the media center, seemed pleased to be able to be a part of “Blind Date with a Book.”

She explained, “I love making it a surprise. Reading books in school is usually something that a student is forced to do, and this makes it more enjoyable and turns it into something that students want to do.”

The NHS Media Center is proud to set students up with a book. Whether it is a thriller, romance, adventure or biography, everyone can benefit from “Blind Date with a Book.”