Horoscopes by NHS Student and Recreational Astrologist

Horoscopes for March

By: Nostradylan (Read bio at the bottom!)

As Spring approaches, the seasons will begin changing, and The Prowl and Growl is bringing its readers student-written horoscopes for our readers to enjoy and read as the Earth gets ready to bloom again!


This month will bring with it new opportunities to share the lessons you have taken from your recent experiences. Some differences of opinion may cause tension in the workplace, but do not let this carry over to your life at home. Use your family time as an outlet for refuge from your daily toils.


This month will provide insight on the things you have been pondering. DO not go searching, for the answers will find you at their own pace. Instead, focus on consoling those around you who are not so patient.


This month will be the bringer of a new romantic presence in your life. Your mature and confident composure may attract the eyes of a compatible companion. Just keep an open mind.


Do not allow the actions of those around you to affect your mood. Steer clear of anyone who tries to take you down and try to get your own affairs in order before catering to the needs of others. This does not mean be inconsiderate, but be more considerate of the issues that pertain to you.


This month try to be more spontaneous while still reserving your cautious side when needed. Be confident in your decisions and make your opinions clear while still taking regard to the opinions of others. Use this time as a period of self reflection and try to take some knowledge with you in the upcoming month.


Stress will play a big role in your undertakings this month. Try to make your schedule more efficient to compensate for your overwhelming tasks. Do not believe yourself to be insufficient in this regard. Use this knowledge to resolve the stress in your life and relieve some pressure being felt by your peers.


The insecurity you are feeling is not of your peers’ opinions. Stop any self-inflicted criticism and stray away from your indecisive nature. Go with your first instinct and your friends will take notice of your boldness.


Jealousy will find its way into your social life. Do not let it overtake you or become an obsession. Your observant nature will defy you, but do not let false suspicions ruin your month. All will play out as it should.


Your independent tendencies will betray you this month. Do not let your love of freedom sever the close relationships in your life. Tell your partner how you truly feel. It may be just what they needed to hear.


Your ambition will aid you in the workplace this month. Resourcefulness will grab the attention of your employer. However, do not let yourself get a big head. Conceit can bring an end to even the most promising of things.


Do not be stubborn as you go about your activities this month. Feelings of pushing back can only bring you misfortune. Instead, focus your deeds toward helping others. This will be the true bearer of your happiness.


Utilize your ability to adapt in your favor this month. Big changes are coming your way. Do not run from the unknown. Accept what is thrown your way, and in the end, the transition will come out in your favor.


Who is Nostradylan?

It was a brisk Autumn night when the stars began losing their grasp on the sky. Falling from their heavenly abode, they brought with them the ethereal essence of inquiry and intuition. This was the galactic medium that gave way to the birth of infant Nostradylan as well as the origins of his mystic mentality.

At age four, it became more evident to the child that he was not something of this world. Finding solace in the stars, he cast aside the materialistic ideology of those who surrounded him and began searching for ways to increase the amount of assets he had in his mind, not in his material possession. This is what influenced his eleven year period of dedicated contemplation toward discovering what, if any, correlation the heavens had with an individual’s personality.

By the time Nostradylan was fifteen years of age, he had come to a humble conclusion. Through personal trials and tribulation he had aquired a full understanding of how the stars shined their light on the content of one’s character. It wasn’t until he had mastered the art that he began to share this wisdom with the world. From that point on, it was his life’s mission to enlighten the people of the world on how interstellar interactions mold them on a daily basis.