NHS Student Showed Musical Talent to the World Through iTunes

By: Paige Batten

Bailey Andrews performing on stage with the SouthCrest band.

One Newnan High School student showed the world what she was capable of when she released her first single online in the iTunes Store.

Bailey Andrews, NHS senior, released her first single, “The Whole World,” with SouthCrest Church in January. She has always had a heart for singing and was glad to be able to share her talent and passion with others.

The SouthCrest worship team, including Bailey, collaborated to write “The Whole World.” Bailey then recorded the song over six hours.

She enjoys being able to share her musical talents with others, and releasing the single was a big step toward achieving one of her greatest goals.

“I feel like all my hard work has paid off, and I am going to be able to share with other people what I love to do,” she stated.

Bailey shared how she was able to produce her single and explained that she’s “been working for a long time with trying to get something out, but everything has just kind of come to different roadblocks. So, through singing at church, they’ve given me so many opportunities.”

Bailey has had many musical influences that have helped her as she prepared to perform the single.

She said her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood, but she had a lot of help from Christian artists in general.

There was something about singing the song and what it meant that helped her perform it with her whole heart. She liked being able to share her talent and faith with the world through the song.

“I feel like it’s my thing, especially when I sing Christian music. It’s not about me. I feel like I can help somebody, so it’s not just benefiting me,” she said.

Despite her experience and talent, Bailey said the hardest part about producing the single was dealing with criticism. Writing a song takes being “thick-skinned,” according to Bailey.

“You have to be open to criticism because its very nitpicky,” She elaborated. “The guy will sit there and tell you every single thing you are doing wrong, but in the end, it’s something you are really proud of.”

When asked if there will be more songs, Bailey was quick to answer, “I’m hoping. The church’s goal is for the album to be spread, and then maybe we can make more.”

When the single was released online, she described her feelings as ecstatic.

“It was really cool because everybody was posting ‘go buy this on iTunes,’ and it was cool to see that all my hard work had paid off. And it’s so weird to go on iTunes and press the button and then hear yourself!” she commented.

In addition to singing, Bailey plays tennis at Newnan, and she was quick to say how much she enjoys the company of her friends playing alongside her.

“I just like having a team. It’s fun to have people support you, and I like competition sometimes,” she said.

When Bailey is not playing tennis or doing school work, she is usually involved with music.

“Much of my time is spent singing. I also lead worship for the youth, and now I sing on main stage and Wednesday nights.”

Bailey is also in National Honor Society, Beta Club, Key Club and SGA.

When Bailey graduates from Newnan High school, she plans to be an occupational therapist. She hopes to get involved in worship arts at whatever university she attends and also hopes to minor in music.