SouthCrest Shows Appreciation to CCSS Staff through Coffee

By: Paige Batten

Chris Paschal and Brittany Willard  standing in the main cafeteria at NHS. (PHOTO, Batten)

If you’re not an early bird, then chances are, caffeine is just about the only thing that keeps you running in the mornings.

At the beginning of each semester, a few of the Youth Leaders at SouthCrest, a local church in Newnan, take the liberty of brewing fresh coffee and bring it to the faculty and staff of Coweta County.

The Youth Leaders know how hard it can be getting up in the morning and stay awake before the sun has barely had time to rise, so they can empathize with adults who work in education.

A small group of SouthCrest volunteers bring coffee and other items to the school and take a cart with them as they deliver the treats.

Chris Paschal and Brittany Willard, Youth Leaders at SouthCrest, tend to be the ones that serve the fresh and free coffee to the staff of Newnan High School.

Serving others is something that Chris and Brittany find great joy in.

“There are few things out there that extend good will to people more than coffee and snacks. I think that if we want to build relationships and trust among teachers and administration, we need to help them know that we are not here to use the school but to serve the school,” Chris stated.

On the mornings when SouthCrest brings the coffee, the weather can be quite frigid, but it only gives them more incentive to come out with hot drinks for the schools.

Chris expanded on the subject of their experience of the cold and said, “It’s cold! The teachers in the bus lines are always really thankful because they’re all bundled up.”

Chris and Brittany both agreed that relationships are always a priority. They want to convey love and care to others and share a little about why they do what they do.

Ironically enough, Brittany hates coffee and brings it to give and to only give.

She loves being able to serve others rather than herself. Brittany was asked whether she would rather give or receive coffee and she quickly answered, “I hate coffee! So give all day long!”

SouthCrest doesn’t only provide coffee for the high schools in Coweta County. They also bring their caffeine filled drinks to the faculty and staff of elementary and middle schools throughout the Coweta County School System.