NCAA March Madness Brackets: NHS Staff and Students Compete for Bragging Rights

National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) March Madness tournament always brings with it the excitement of watching underdogs compete against giants. With a pool of sixty-four teams vying for a college championship, the month long of basketball games brings with it unpredictably and plenty of upsets.

The staff at The Prowl and Growl, however, have taken the opportunity to bring the “Madness” to NHS and put some of Cougar Nation’s brackets against each other.

We will be covering how well the brackets of The Prowl and Growl student staff fair against NHS four faculty members.

The students competing in the bracket challenge are Tanner Ballard, Paul Slobodzian, Andy Callaway, Cameron McElwaney, Kaylee Farr, Meckhi Winkles, Lucas Braschler, Paige Batten and Jacob Bruce.

The NHS faculty competing for bragging rights are Coach Hines, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Swanson and Mr. Johnson.

Students and faculty members alike were asked to make brackets for bragging rights before the tournament began, and each was asked to complete the brackets in pen and have them submitted before the end of Wednesday afternoon (March 16th) before the tournament began, to ensure fairness on all parties.

Each tier of games is worth a different amount of points that will eventually determine the winner and owner of this year’s NHS March Madness Bracket Challenge bragging rights.

The Round of 64 games will award 1 point for each correct winner. The Round of 32 will award 2 points for each correct winner. The Round of 16 will award 4 points for each correct winner. The Round of 8 will award 8 points for each winner. The correct winner to each Final Four game will be worth 16 points. Guessing the correct winner to the Final, or National Championship, Game will award 32 points.

The Prowl and Growl staff will keep you up to date with current point breakdowns after each round, but our coverage will pick up after a busy first week of upsets and buzzer beaters.

Below, are the points each contender for bragging rights currently holds.

Week 1 Rankings

Reporting and Statistics compiled by: Tanner Ballard and Paul Slobodzian

NCAA Basketball’s annual single-elimination tournament has begun, and the “Madness” is ubiquitous in this year’s bracket.

Michigan State, the two seed in the Midwest portion of the bracket, suffered the largest upset to this point as they fell to the fifteen seeded Middle Tennessee State. Six-seeded Texas lost to Northern Iowa on a buzzer-beating half-court shot. Other major upsets included Hawaii (13) over California (4), Yale (12) ousting Baylor (5), Stephen F. Austin (14) over West Virginia (3), Little Rock (12) beating Purdue (5), Wichita State (11) defeating Arizona (6) after winning their play-in game, and Gonzaga (11) over Seton Hall (6).

Needless to say, millions of brackets all across North America were busted over the first couple days of games, including those filled out at Newnan High School. There are no perfect brackets, at least submitted to ESPN or Mr. Josh Johnson, remaining anywhere.

Here’s the first score update for each participant in Newnan High School’s March Madness competition:

Mr. Josh Johnson, AP Language and Journalism teacher


Andy Callaway, student


Tie) Lucas Braschler, student


Tie) Mr. Chris Swanson, Economics teacher


Mekhi Winkles, student


Paul Slobodzian, student


Mr. Hap Hines, Physical Education teacher


Tanner Ballard, student


Jacob Bruce, student


Mr. Michael Barnes, NHS Counselor


Tie) Cameron McElwaney, student


Tie) Paige Batten, student


Kaylee Farr, student