Newnan Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team Dominates the Season

By: Paige Batten


The Newnan Varsity Girl’s Soccer team is dominating their competitors with a 12-2 record.

The Varsity team is led by Coach Frankey Henderson (head coach) and Coach Allison Hurston (assistant coach). Both are coaches and teachers at Newnan high School, and they could not be any more proud of the team’s  season so far.

Coach Henderson loves being a part of the soccer team and enjoys watching the girls improve more every day.

Henderson stated, “I like being around the girls because they are good kids, they work hard, and they are awesome. There is never a moment when I feel like they aren’t working.”

Coach Hurston added, “I like coaching the team because I enjoy being able to watch the girls improve every time they come out here and play.”

With a 12-2 record, the team and the captains must be doing something right. The team’s dynamics play a huge role in how the team performs.

Emma Morris, NHS senior and team captain, gave her opinion on how the team works so well together.

“I’d say that we play so well together this year because we are closer than ever as a team. It’s fun to joke around, but whenever it’s time to be serious, everyone always gets down to business. It’s like family this year, and it has never really been that way before,” Emma said.

The team is getting ready to face an uphill battle, playing difficult teams the next couple of weeks. They are working hard to be as well-prepared as they can be.

Tehgan Anguilm, a captain and senior on the team, elaborated on things the team has been doing well as well as can improve upon.

“We need to work on communication. We need to talk more on the field and be more vocal on defense because we have a lot of miscommunication,” Tehgan elaborated. “Consistency is another factor. We can play really well against a bad team, but then, we can play ‘iffy’ against a decent team and make it hard for us to win.”

The team couldn’t go as far as they are without the help of their fans and supportive teammates.

As it goes for any team, the more the merrier! Each person is inclined to do better with people cheering the team on! Morgan Robeson, a captain and senior on the team stated, “The spirit all depends on the game. A more competitive game comes with a higher amount of energy in the stands and on the sidelines. Parents yell a lot more when the team is aggressive or physical. The game is also intense when Henderson is yelling.”

The team has only suffered two losses this season against Norcross and East Coweta. The Norcross game ended in a loss after going into overtime. Caroline Thomas, a senior and captain on the team, noted how close the game was and how it turned into a nail-biter.

“Norcross was our hardest game, because it was such a close game. We had to go into overtime and then penalty kicks,” Caroline explained.

The first loss did affect the team, but not in a way that some would expect. It brought the girls closer together.

Robeson stated, “Right after the loss, it was tough because we had never experienced a loss before. It only made us more ready for the other games.”

The Varsity Girl’s rivalry games fill this week’s schedule. Rivalry games always bring an uprising in spirit for the team.

“Rivalry games are a lot more intense than our usual games. They give us more of a reason to play our best and to play for each other,” Tehgan said.

With a tough loss to EC on Monday night, the team is still determined to work hard to win against Northgate.

The Newnan Girls’ Varsity team is continuing to grow their winning record, and they proceed to represent the Cougar spirit on the field with their hard work and determination.