Meet Girl Scout Troop 16645!

By: Mandy Foster

The Grantville Girl Scout Troop, 16645, is a group of girls who are mostly residents of Grantville and the surrounding area. To join the troop the parent of the girls must sign up with the recreation director for Grantville, Rebekah Holt, as well as discuss any questions with her.

The girls are divided into three groups of three Daisy’s, lead by Rebekah Holt, one Brownie lead by Amanda Foster, and four juniors lead by Samantha Minyard in total there are eight scouts.

Troop 16645 starts off their meetings by looking at their chapter’s chart to see who is the leader of each activity. Then the girls go over the girl scout law, girl scout promise and the pledge of allegiance.

The next thing the girls do is water their garden, where each girl has her own flower pot that she has painted, decorated and put mulch down to keep the pots from moving around and to decorate it.

After the flowers are watered, the girls go back inside and divide into their groups to do their worksheets and discuss upcoming events. When the meeting is over, the leaders take the girls outside to play until their parents pick them up.

The girls are preparing for their first camping trip at a pond near one of the leader’s house. They are planning to go on the trip on the weekend of Independence Day.

The girls have a large bird house for the idea of the “Little Free Library.” “Little Free Library” is an event where anyone can trade a book they no longer want for a new book, which was graciously donated by the Grantville Library.

On April 2, 2016 the girls had their first event for a community clean-up which they helped contribute to cleaning up the local parks. The girls plan to have more involvement with their community in the future and will continue to help clean up.

The girls have recently joined another troop, of all cadets, to learn about different materials in camping along with making campfires out of crafting materials and edible materials.

The girls have also completed several activities for fun including making moon sand, s’mores, decorative boxes, painting and making things from plaster for their garden.