NHS Seniors Have Chosen Their Colleges

By:  Paul Slobodzian

It’s that time of year again. Graduation has come and gone. The semester is over. Students and teachers, alike, are heading for summer, and the Class of 2016 has made their final decisions for the next educational chapter of their lives.

While graduation is an exciting time for seniors, it also an occasion of pride and appreciation on behalf of the NHS faculty. Lead Counselor Pam Lewis commented on this year’s graduation, remarking on its significance as well as what the Class of 2016 has meant to her.

“You all [The Class of 2016] are the first class I’ve had from 10th through 12th grade,” Lewis stated. “This is a very dynamic class. Every student is unique, and it has challenged me, in a good way, as a counselor. It’s cool to watch everyone grow up. Graduation is my favorite part of my job. Regardless of where you’re going, graduation is the pinnacle of high school achievement.”

Picking where a person wants to live (most likely away from “home”) for the next few years of one’s life can be a difficult task. It’s tough enough for seasoned adults, but for seventeen, eighteen or even nineteen year old kids, it can be even harder.

These students have already chosen where they will study for the next two to four years as well what they intend to major in.

The Class of 2016 is full of students who have chosen both large and small schools and students who have decided to join various branches of the U.S. Military. Here is a brief overview of some of the graduating Class of 2016’s plans for their future.

Dalton Byrom, Kennesaw State University, (Major) Communications: “Kennesaw State wasn’t even my top option for a while, but when I went there, I felt at home and that I was supposed to be there. It didn’t seem crazy big, but was definitely not small. It reminded me a lot of Newnan. I chose communications because I wanted to do something in business but not be behind a computer all day. With communications, I’ll get to go the business side while being able to interact with people, and that’s what I love doing.”

Roni Carl, University of West Georgia, (Major) Nursing: “I chose West Georgia because it was close to home, and I’ve seen that they have a fantastic nursing program. Since my dad was in the Army, I’ve always been concerned when it comes to my family. I chose to go into nursing because my dad was a medic when he was in the Navy. I’ve always been interested by all the stories and stuff that I’ve heard, and I’ve always enjoyed science. I also wanted to do a job that wasn’t going to be the same thing every day, so I want to be a nurse with air medical transportation in Atlanta at Grady.”

Gabby Freeman, Simmons College, (Major) Business Finance: “I became interested in Simmons after I found out about a major scholarship that I qualified for. When I looked into it, I realized that it was a school that had a heavy emphasis on leadership which I really appreciated. I wanted to use college as a time to explore the world, and Simmons became a really great opportunity for me to do so. I fell in love with Boston, the Simmons campus and everyone on it. I felt welcomed. It felt like home. I choose finance as my major because I have always wanted to go pre-law. Majoring in finance is an unorthodox way to go pre-law, so it will distinguish me from other law school applicants. It will also give me skills that I can use whether I decide to go into law or not. My backup is to go into wealth management.”

Darryel Hines, Clemson University, (Major) Psychology: “Mostly, the reason I chose Clemson was because of my major, psychology. I saw that Clemson has one of the best psychology programs in the nation. What got me hooked on Clemson was when I toured the campus about two summers ago. I loved every aspect of it, and the football program sealed the deal for me. I chose psychology because I’ve always wanted to understand people a lot more than what one person would tell me about themselves.”

Wesley Howard, University of Georgia, (Major) Finance: “I chose Georgia because I didn’t get into Georgia Tech, but I am excited for next year. I chose to major in finance because I find it really interesting, and I read about global finance and markets and money frequently on websites like BBC Capital.”

Jacobi Jones, Georgia State University, (Major) Business Management: “The main influence that led me to choosing Georgia State was the city of Atlanta. I’ve been to Atlanta for a large number of events and really found a love for the city. I chose business management because Atlanta provides a large amount of opportunity in the business field. Since there are three sports teams in the Atlanta area, also, I would really like to go into the business side of sports.”

Ansley Knight, United States Naval Academy, (Major) Aerospace Engineering: “USNA is a place where I have the opportunity to not only further my education, but to also serve my country. Its Aerospace Engineering program is fantastic, and I was really drawn to the Academy by its leadership opportunities as well as its organization and structure. I want to major in aerospace engineering because I have always loved science and math and want to possibly be a pilot in the future. I also would love to have a career with NASA.”  

Audrey Meyer, Kennesaw State University, (Major) Exercise Science: “My brother goes to Kennesaw, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! I chose to major in exercise science because I would eventually like to become a physical therapist, and I thought this major will give me a good understanding on how the body works.”

Jermiah Russell, Georgia Tech, (Major) Computer Science: “I really enjoy learning, especially about math and science. I realized that I wanted to continue to learn about the two subjects and attain a job in those fields. I also wanted to go to a college somewhere close, and Georgia Tech was the best option. [I chose to major in computer science because] I really enjoy math and science, and I figured I could use these skills to learn about and create technology. Although this can apply to almost any major at Tech, I chose to study computer science. The prospect of learning about one of the most widely-used technologies, computers, interested me. There are so many possibilities with this major.”

Jory Smith, Young Harris College, (Major) Technical Theatre:  “When I visited Young Harris College, I fell in love with the area and the college itself. Everyone is so nice up there and helpful. I loved theatre in high school, so I want to pursue technical theatre in college.”

Ellie Waters, University of Georgia, (Major) Business & Marketing:  “Both my parents and my grandfather went to UGA, so I’ve pretty much grown up a Bulldog my whole life. On top of having great athletic programs and that great SEC school atmosphere, it’s a great school. It’s a top ranked public school, and their business school is great, as well. I don’t really have a definitive answer to why I chose the major I did. I’m just interested in that field, and I’m a very persistent person. My family has always joked with me that I needed to go into sales or marketing.  I also love working with people, and I’m a really good ‘people person.’ This is a field of study where those types of skills can definitely pay off.”

Davenport Williams, University of Mississippi, (Major) Undecided: “I chose to attend the University of Mississippi because they offer Marine Corps ROTC. My career goal is to be a Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps.”