Pollo Tropical Offers Students a Different Flavor

By: Gabriel Griffith

Put up the surf boards because the beach is coming inland. The newly opened Pollo Tropical has been drawing students’ and locals’ interest. Just off of Bullsboro Drive, the restaurant offers Coweta a tropical taste that may have been missing before this fall.

Pollo Tropical offers a Caribbean style dining experience with an atmosphere of bright colors and Tropical music. From floor to ceiling, it creates a sense of comfort from the tropical colors and feeling of beachy harmony that welcomes customers.

If the colors and staff do not already make you feel comfortable, then the food most certainly will satisfy your hunger.

The chipotle grilled chicken sandwich is an eye catcher with its grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato and their zesty chipotle mayo served on a soft, warm bun.

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a side Caesar Salad.

Mikayla Flores-Hart, NHS junior and a recent customer of Pollo Tropical, enjoyed the new Tropical twist it has brought to Newnan’s dining landscape. “The location in my opinion is great, because it’s around the stores where the most people shop on a daily basis and the atmosphere is very welcoming.”

Many other locals share Mikayla’s feelings about the new establishment and plan to continue to enjoy its tropical taste.

A well-loved and established restaurant for almost three decades, Pollo Tropical first started out as a small restaurant in Miami by Larry and Stuart Harris. It has progressed into a successful chain with domestic and international locations.

Pollo Tropical offers a wide variety of dishes for a variety of different tastes, from platters of Caribbean ribs to bowls of fresh salads inspired by island flavors. The choices don’t stop there either. Pollo Tropical offers a wide selection of tastes in its sides.

The menu has many delicious sides ranging from traditional white and brown rice, fresh Caesar salad with zingy Caesar dressing, and the Caribbean styled corn soufflé that’s warm baked goodness can put any hungry stomach at bay.

Pollo Tropical also has a special section for those with a sweet tooth. It offers a variety of desserts such as the delicious Guava bar and the delicious Flan or Tres Leches. Another specialty that the restaurant offers is their Mango Sweet tea which sends a wave of southern style tea with a tropical punch well worth enjoying anytime of the day.

Pollo Tropical may have been baking in the sun in Miami, but it is now a growing local favorite in the Newnan area.