Thrown on the Grill: Sophomore Takes On Pork Chops

By: Joshua Rechy

Cooking is hard. Cooking is a lot harder than it looks. I, a sophomore in high school, can not cook anything without it almost burning a house down.

Yet, I was given the task of cooking pork chops with a grill that is sitting right next to the house. I was also cooking for an entire house, and thankfully, everyone survived.

I started off the pork chops by taking half a dozen of the slabs out of the packaging. My dad got out some Worcestershire Sauce and some Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning. I poured the sauce over the six pork chops, followed by a light seasoning. After that, I had to wait for an hour while the pork chops sat and marinated.

After that hour of waiting, it was time to start the grilling process.

My dad actually started the grill, because he was afraid I would burn everything. I plopped the pork chops on the grilling rack. Then, some more waiting, while the pork chops almost burned, or so I thought they were burning.

After 7-8 minutes, I flipped each of the pork chops, but I almost flipped one of them off of the grill in the process of using a steak fork to flip them.

After Another 7-8 minutes passed, then I spread Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce on all of the pork chops while they were on the grill. Once the spreading of the sauce was complete, another session of flipping and spreading sauce occurred.

Immediately after the second flip and adding the sauce, I dropped the BBQ sauce brush. The brush managed to get most of my right forearm while falling. Anyway, I had to wash out the bowl, the brush and my entire right forearm because I found myself almost covered in sauce, just like a pork chop.

Once 4-5 minutes passed after adding the sauce, the pork chops were done. I had to carefully transfer them from the grill to the tray, and then I had to take them to the kitchen. Luckily, I didn’t drop them in the process. They were successfully and safely carried from the grill to the kitchen.

The taste testing began at the kitchen table. My self-made pork chops were finished and sitting on a plate in front of me. I opted to take the first bite before everyone else who waiting to eat.

Now, before I talk about how the food was, I just want to point out that I know absolutely nothing about the subject of cooking. Every time I try to cook, I end up failing miserably. Cooking is not something that I see my future career in but see many other future memories to be made.

In review, the pork chops were not that bad. I honestly expected them to have a weird rubbery taste with every bite, but they did not. Instead, the pork chops were soft and with flavors that seemed to melt together nicely.

Even though I required some initial supervision at the grill, I had a great time during the whole experience. What began as nerves became a nice and enjoyable time with family, while I experienced something new and fun.