Chromebooks: Modernizing Classrooms and Coursework

By: Savannah Ford

Chromebooks were given to every student at Newnan High School on August 24, 2016 to assist them in the classroom and when doing their school work both on campus and off. The chromebooks, while still new technology to many, present a helpful way to improve learning and continue each student’s education outside of the physical classroom.

The rollout for the chromebooks mainly took place during first and second block, and then fourth block, the students that are enrolled in CEC received theirs. Overall, it went smoothly and was well organized.

The Chromebook rollout really made me proud. We had a team of administrators, teachers, staff and student ambassadors who managed to unpack, hand out and catalog around 2000 devices in under 3 hours when the county had allowed us two days. The student body had a lot to do with the plan’s success,” Mrs. Snider, NHS Assistant Principal, commented.

Teachers are now able to assign work that can be completely done through a computer or Google Classroom. This allows for the students to be familiar with technology and also work more efficiently than before, since they have more resources literally at their fingertips.

“I think once the learning curve is over for the teachers and the students, it’s going to be a good thing,” Mrs. Pat Blount, NHS Bookkeeper, said. “The biggest thing I would think would be remembering to bring them charged, so they’re available to them in the classroom.”

Once students were assigned a Chromebook, Newnan High has begun to block certain websites from their reach. The blocking of websites, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Mrs Snider explained, “schools have always had to strike a balance between giving students open access to knowledge and protecting them from inappropriate content. Some music, movie and social media sites may not be inappropriate, but they are a huge distraction.”

While technology has always been on hand at NHS for students to use, people may not have had time to track an open computer down, but now, computers are becoming a part of what a student carries in their hands down the hallway.

The students have largely found the chromebooks to be helpful in being able to complete their work faster than ever before, and the chromebooks have also made it easier for students to stay on track with their classes, even if they miss a day of instruction.

“I think the Chromebooks are a valuable tool that is a step forward in a more technological workforce,” Gabe Griffith, NHS senior, said. “I use the chromebook about every day on a regular basis.”

    It seems that with slight adjustments, all the teachers and students will soon become accustomed to the technology that is now in their hands.

Morgan Gross, NHS junior, said, “the chromebooks are a nice addition to the school. I use one every day I am here, I know a lot more about them than I ever did.”

Some have already adjusted to the new convenience that the chromebooks provide and have developed new skills.

“I use a Chromebook everyday, and my typing has improved tremendously. We all know the cost of textbooks and how torn up they get, and the school can’t afford that. With a Chromebook, it’s like four textbooks in one, for the price of one textbook,” Kevin Carden, NHS sophomore, said.