The 2016 Heisman Trophy Race

Sports Commentary By: Thomas Touchstone

It’s getting late in the college football season, and that means all eyes are looking to the best players to see who will be awarded the Heisman Trophy.

The favorite to win the award, Lamar Jackson, sophomore from Louisville, has been tearing up defenses since week one. He has played ten games so far and has accumulated 46 touchdowns on the season. Jackson has racked up over 1,300 yards rushing and almost 3,000 yards passing so far this season. A lot of TEAMS in the country do not have 46 touchdowns this season, much less a single player.

Lamar Jackson has an advantage in this race as his team has only lost one game to a very strong Clemson team. Louisville’s strength of schedule is low, so look for that to factor into the committee’s decision.

After having an average start to the season, J.T. Barrett, junior from Ohio State, has really been clicking lately. He has accumulated 31 touchdowns on the season and has shown leadership on a Buckeye team that has lacked that quality.

It’s always an advantage for a potential Heisman when you’re playing for Ohio State. If the Buckeyes make a playoff push, Barrett could pull off an upset and win the prestigious award.

One of the most underrated college football players is  Donnel Pumphrey from San Diego State. He has almost 1800 yards with 14 touchdowns for the Aztecs. He is currently in fourth place on the college football all time rushing list.

Pumphrey is a longshot to win the award, but he should get an invite to New York, as he has accumulated one of the best seasons in recent history for a running back.

Freshman Jalen Hurts from Alabama has shown his maturity when it has mattered most for the Crimson Tide. He has had a solid season with over 2,000 passing yards and 700 rushing yards. He has lead Alabama to an undefeated season.

The major advantage for Hurts is that he is an undefeated quarterback in the SEC which is a phenomenal feat in itself. His stats do not match up with those of Jackson and Barrett, so do not necessarily expect Hurts to win the award but try not to count him out either.

Many people at the beginning of the season would have given the award to Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. He has over 3,000 passing yards for the Tigers this season and has only lost one game this year.

Watson had 580 yards passing in his last game, but he threw three interceptions. Watson needs something special in the last few games of the season if he wants to win the Heisman.

Jabrill Peppers from Michigan is an all-around beast. He plays offense, defense and special teams for the Wolverines. He has 13 tackles for loss this year and four touchdowns. He is one of the most versatile athletes in all of college football.

Peppers is at a disadvantage, however, because he plays mainly defense. The only true defensive player to win the award was Charles Woodson in 1997, who also played for the Wolverines.

Lamar Jackson seems like the obvious winner. College football is a crazy sport, so anything can happen in these last few weeks. Look for all of these players to push for college football’s most prestigious award.