NHS Hosted First “Trunk or Treat” [With Photo Gallery]

By: Cheyann Peters


This October marked the start of a new annual Newnan High School tradition. The Newnan Ambassadors and their sponsors Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Hurston, hosted a “Trunk or Treat” on Friday October 28th.

They wanted to reach out to the community, along with the feeder elementary schools, and invite young students to visit the high school they will attend in the future as well as have a fun time interacting with the students of Newnan High.

The event started at 5:30. A plethora of NHS clubs and teams such as Swim Team, Art Club, Beta Club, Key Club and many more lined up in Joe Poe field with colorful decorations pouring out of the back of their cars. Many of the clubs had an interactive section for the children to enjoy while trunk-or-treating, such as the Art Club who had a face painting section.

The clubs provided their own candy to give out, and many children were going home with enough candy to give even the Tooth Fairy herself a cavity.

Fliers were emailed to all the elementary schools, so that the schools could print them out and send them home with the students. Children under the age of eight were allowed in for free, and adults were asked for a seven dollar donation as fee of entry. The entry fee, however, did not just cover the trunk-or-treating but also covered both the parents and the children who participated entry to to the football game that night.

As the night progressed more and more families came with their children dressed in costumes. The Newnan students also enjoyed having the chance to interact with the future of Cougar Nation.

Clubs at Newnan High are always trying to find fun ways of interacting with the community, and that was precisely the goal for this year’s Trunk or Treat. NHS clubs and students reaching out, identifying and meeting the needs of the community to help give back and return the support the community as a whole invests in NHS as well as Cougar Nation as a whole.

NHS staff members were also in attendance. Teachers and various faculty members alike brought their small children costumed and ready for candy to the event, so they could also be a part of Cougar Nation for the evening.

“It was a great time of fellowship with Newnan High students, staff and members of the community,” Mrs. Turner said. “In the future we hope to see more clubs and their members participating, as well as more young children and their parents coming.”

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