Spirit of Service Lead Student to Building a House in Guatemala

By: Hannah Johnson

Erin Lamb, a senior at Newnan High school, has been involved in serving her community since she was a little girl. Over the summer she went to Guatemala to help serve others in a developing country.


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Last year, she was accepted into the Distinguished Young Women of Coweta County program. The Distinguished Young Women scholarship program is for junior and senior girls looking to learn valuable life skills, make lifelong friends and earn scholarship money that they can use to fund their future educations.

The young women go through many interviews along with talent, self-expression, fitness and scholastic competitions in order to be selected. The program encourages young women to continue growing into well rounded and engaged citizens who serve their local communities.

Lamb explained how she has grown tremendously as a person through the opportunities that this program has presented to her.

“The Distinguished Young Women scholarship program has taught me valuable life skills and provided me with wonderful friends here in Coweta, and all around the state,” she said.

Throughout the program, Lamb has participated in many different ten minute interviews that consist of personal and political questions that are often reflective and focused on her future.

“This helped me learn more about myself and my positions on political topics, and it has prepared me for future interviews,” Lamb commented.

Lamb is the President of NHS Chorus and a member of National Honor Society, Beta Club, Drama club, History Club, NHS Ambassadors and Student Government Association.

After learning about a friend’s mission trip, Lamb decided that she wanted to go on a six week mission trip to Guatemala to build a house for a local family.

She was there for five weeks over the summer but had to leave early for the Distinguished Young Women state competition.

The group that she served with raised six thousand dollars to build a house for an indigenous Mayan family. They started building over the summer and got to know the family better as they continued.

The house was finished in the beginning of October, and Erin was able to return for the dedication. Prior to the mission trip, the family lived in a one room house made of wood, cardboard and old steel that hung off the side of a cliff.

Lamb reflected on how difficult it was to separate from the family and return after spending so much time with them, “I was moved while saying goodbye to the family. They thanked us for traveling all of the way to help them, for taking care of their kids and for bringing a new hope to them.”

After going to Guatemala and living with people who are happy with so much less, Lamb noted how she now sees that there is much more to life than just the “stuff” people buy.
Going through this experience showed Lamb that people who have very few material things are still happy with what they have. She stated, “They were the most generous people I’d ever met.”

“It just shows that you never know the impact you are making on someone else’s life, that goes for here and for other countries,” Lamb said.

After high school, Lamb wants to attend Liberty University and major in worship music. She wants to also double minor in global studies and Spanish. Eventually, Lamb would like to pursue studying medicine.

After obtaining these degrees, she wants to be a missionary and utilize all of her passions to make a difference in the world.