Accelerating Learning: Mrs. Martin

By: Hannah Johnson

Mrs. Mary Martin teaches AP physics at Newnan High School. Even though she is a teacher now, like many teachers, her journey into education passed through many other areas and majors to find what her passion was.

Attending college at Eastern Kentucky University, she began the track to an engineering degree.

All of her life she had been told not to be a teacher. Her entire family is composed of teachers, from her grandparents’ generation all the way down to her own self.

Martin began with a different career focus, but after her grandfather passed, she came to the realization that she should do what she loved instead of engineering. She had already taken a large amount of math and science courses, so she majored in mathematical-physical science so she would be able to teach physics, math and chemistry.

Starting out, she taught mostly physics and chemistry in Kentucky and Ohio for five and a half years before moving to Chicago, where she attended National Louis University and earned her master’s degree.

In the years following college and graduate school, she taught at the elementary, middle and high school level. She became a part time science specialist, teaching special lessons to elementary classes. After that she began to teach middle and high school math classes until coming to Newnan to teach Physics.

Martin discussed how physics is her favorite subject to teach, because it is a challenge. She continued to say that she understands due to her struggle in the class how to help people who also find the material challenging.

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Physics is a very hands on class with topics that closely relate to real world events.
Martin explained, “Upcoming physics students should know that while no physics class will ever be easy, the process of solving complicated and messy real world problems is one that will carry you through many aspects of life, whether you major in math or science or not.”

Garrett Blackstock, a former AP Physics student, said, “Mrs. Martin taught me the value of AP Physics and how it applies to everyday life.”

A former AP Physics student, Katie Wheat, also explained how the class helped to grow her content knowledge but also her study skills, better preparing her for future.

“My favorite thing about Mrs. Martin is her kindness and excitement to get to know students. Mrs. Martin has helped me by forcing me to investigate the meaning and work of class problems on my own. She has a willingness to work with you, but to pass the class it is crucial that you become an independent learner.”

In a rare situation for many educators, next semester Martin will have a student that she also taught in elementary and middle school. She will have taught the student at all three levels.

Another student who she taught in elementary school, Harrison Blair explained, “Mrs. Martin was my teacher at Carolyn Baron Montessori School. She has always been in a great mood with a smile on her face.”

She continues to put her students first and works to always lead them to the greatest path of success.