New On-Ramp at Newnan Piedmont Hospital

By: Gabe Griffith

During late July this year the ground was broken for a new on-ramp on Highway I-85.

Piedmont hospital estimates it will be operational by 2018. Piedmont is a great establishment for Coweta County. Piedmont’s mission statement is “to make a positive difference in every life they touch” and they do so with exemplary effort.

The new on-ramp offers an abundance of new possibilities for Piedmont and Coweta as a whole. There are two major points that will occur with the opening of the new on-ramp.

The access to Piedmont and the surrounding area will have better access for transportation vehicles and for EMC vehicles trying to get people in critical care to the hospital faster to give patients a better chance to get the care they need faster. Security will also increase in the area to ensure the safety of the community and a more rapid response.

Piedmont’s motto holds strong to their word as the hospital create new opportunities for tomorrow’s workforce.

Piedmont offers many programs for students interested in the medical field. It offers a program for high school students known as the Medical Residence Program that is operated by the Centralized Education Center.

The program offers temporary work at the hospital for a high school long semester. The program offers a little bit of everything a employed nurse would do to better help Coweta’s teens see if medical occupation is right for them.

NHS student Katelyn Cannon expresses her gratitude for the opportunities that Piedmont has given her. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this internship and to the doctors and staff there to take the time to help teach us.”

Katelyn is one of many Coweta County students interested in a future in the medical field and these opportunities can become a reality thanks to contributions from Piedmont.

The opportunities don’t stop there.Piedmont has exceptional volunteer Summer programs at the hospital. Piedmont also works with the local colleges. Piedmont works closely with the University of West Georgia and West Georgia Technical College. Piedmont aims at being a gateway for students interested in the medical field.

Piedmont is not only growing externally but plans to expand internally. Piedmont aims to expand in the local community by building a new office building.

The hospital will also have a upgrade as the fifth floor of the main building will be in the future a patient floor.

As Coweta County grows so does the hospital.

“Across the board staff is growing.” commented by Robert Anderson, Executive Director at Piedmont Healthcare.