Newnan High Brings Home Best Actor and Actress Award From One Act Play!

By: Savannah Ford

The Newnan High School cast for the One Act play went to Newnan Performing Arts Centre to compete against other schools’ productions for the regional title this fall.

The actors brought home more awards than were expected, and Jennifer Jarvis, NHS freshman, and Patrick Matistic, NHS sophomore, won the best actress and best actor award.

At the competition, they performed “The Government Inspector” professionally and were able to produce the humor of its end with ease. The cast acted as if they had practiced for hours on end, which is indeed what they had done to prepare.

During all of those hours spent working on lines, the students form a bond that goes beyond just their characters standing on a stage together.

“What I enjoyed the most about the Government Inspector was probably acting alongside my cast mates,” Matistic said. “Those people are some of my best friends and interacting on stage with them is so much fun.”

Jarvis also mentioned how the process of working with other students was one of the highlights of the experience.

“My favorite part was the cast. They’re so much fun to work with. I also really enjoyed getting to play this character, because she is very different from me as a person,” she added.

One Act was a performance that lasted about two hours, including the intermission. The actors and actresses truly showed a depth to their skills beyond what might be expected from just an emerging actor.

Some of NHS’ younger actors were honored with awards recognizing outstanding performances, and the students were beyond grateful for the commendations.

Jarvis said, “I felt very surprised when I won best actress, because there are a lot of good actors in our group, in our region, and I didn’t expect to win it.”

Throughout the time it was performed, both Patrick and Jennifer took the stage multiple times throughout different scenes in the production.

“My character throughout, she’s in a little bit of every scene. In a way, I think just her bossy attitude is what the judges liked,” Jarvis commented. “My favorite scene was the third scene which is when the Government Inspector comes to the house. I didn’t have a ton of speaking roles in that scene, but I really get to react a lot and play with the character a lot just in reactions and that’s always challenging, but really fun to do.”

Matistic reflected on his own performance also pointing to the entirety of his performance, “I don’t think the award was given due to one scene in particular. It was definitely the whole picture or character that the judges liked, but the scene I enjoyed performing the most was the first scene I’m in or scene two. That scene is designed to tell you exactly who Osip is, a sarcastic, rude, jerk.”

With a cast of thirteen actors, Kevin Carden, Patrick Matistic, Taurean Reeves, Sarah Culbreth, Jennifer Jarvis, Laura Huff, Geoff Burch, Katie Ward, Will Harris, Ray Robinson, Katie Beth Williams, Michael Broadwater and Terry Broadwater, the performance was spectacular with everyone obviously putting their heart in it.

Matistic explained how being a part of the cast was both challenging as well as “so much fun,” and going from classmates to cast mates was an extremely enriching experience.
The characters themselves were very different from each other, but they both won basically the same award. Regardless of their differences, they were both played marvelously.

“With Maria, I’m not like her, in any way. I’m not bossy so that was very difficult to find who she was, but it was really fun and different to do. I try to relate to her as much as I could. Like when she has to be annoyed at her parents, I would think about when I was annoyed with mine. That other part of her, I based off of research of other productions of it,” Jarvis said.

Matistic reflected on his drive to beneath just the lines of dialogue and understand the character.

“The most challenging thing about the play was exploring the character,” he said. “Mr. Ramseur pushes us to go deeper than the surface of the words and find out what the character really wants or needs, which can be difficult.”

NHS Drama looks to continue making a strong statement in regional competitions about the preparedness of its actors both as individuals and as an entire production team.