NHS’ AP Language and Literature Attended UWG Theatre Department’s “The Antigone Project”

By: Vivian Duncan


The University of West Georgia’s Theatre Department performed “The Antigone Project: A Play in Five Parts” in a special screening for Coweta County high school students.
Newnan High’s Advanced Placement Language and Literature classes attended the performance along with classes from both East Coweta High School and Northgate High School.

Students were able to engage a classical text restaged and retold in a modern setting, where their textbooks were replaced by college students.

The stage was closer to their seats than the students had imagined, and instead of sitting in a giant auditorium, they found themselves close to the stage, getting up close and personal with the play.

The UWG Theatre Department took a creative twist in its casting, with actors playing multiple parts and a different actress playing Antigone in each scene.

“I liked that it had different scenes and versions of Antigone throughout,” Alexis Westrick, AP Literature student, explained as the aspect she found the most intriguing.

Angel Shumake, also a senior in AP Literature, added “It was very creative, the way that they had Antigone in different places like Africa or Hawaii, or any of the other settings.”

Katheryn Alvarado, AP Language student, also enjoyed how the “vibrant stage actors put forth a modern twist on Antigone from different societies and eras.”

From the performance, students were able to connect modern events to timeless ideas.