NHS Students Raised Record Amount of Cans and Built “CANstructions” for Coweta Community Food Pantry

By: Nadia Keith

This year, the Can-a-thon was taken to a whole new level, somewhat literally.

Mrs. Allison Hurston, NHS Science Teacher and Coach, pushed the limits of Cougar Nation’s creativity by starting a CANstruction event that was held in an effort to collect more cans for the Coweta Community Food Pantry through NHS’ annual Can-a-thon.

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“I knew we could get more cans than we did last year, and we did,” Hurston commented.
With all of the new cans, students built sculptures made entirely out of cans, ranging from a piece of pie to a Loch Ness Monster.

CANstruction was held in Downtown Newnan, and student groups built their CANstructions in front of storefronts on the sidewalks off the Square. Since the competition was held Downtown, the challenge to build the best CANstruction felt like a community event rather than a school event.

CANstruction is a part of the Can-a-thon held at NHS. This is the first year that NHS has held an event of its type in an effort to get more cans than usual.

Natalie Jackson, Beta Club President, said that her favorite part of CANstruction was seeing how many cans the schools could collect for those in need of them.

“It was great to know that our school can come together for a cause and be able to provide thousands of cans of food to those in need,” Jackson commented.

CANstruction brought in over five thousand cans to NHS this year compared to last year’s total collection of a little over two thousand cans.

Though it might seem easy to stack cans in a shape, students quickly realized it was not going to be a breeze.

Adaline Morris, NHS junior who represented SADD and NHS Ambassadors, said, “It was hard to figure out the physics of our structure. We actually had to start over at one point because our flag fell over.”

Ten student clubs participated in CANstruction, and some of the clubs decided to build a CANstruction together.

Awards were presented to all of the CANstruction teams ranging from Structural Integrity to Best Spirit. Juror’s Favorite was awarded to SADD/FGE for their Flag. SGA was presented with Structural Integrity for the building a of Superman. Art Club built a Loch Ness Monster and were awarded Most Creative. For their building of Blocks, Beta Club was awarded Best Use of Labels. A Piece of Pie was built by the NHS Ambassadors, and they were awarded Best Meal. History Club, French Club and Spanish Club built a Paw Print. For the amount of cans they collected, they were awarded Most Cans. JGG constructed a Cougar Face and were awarded Best Spirit.

For its first year, CANstruction was a huge success. It was also a great way for clubs to come together and compete for a good cause.

Olivia Dumas, NHS senior, represented History Club, French Club, Interact Club and SADD Club. She noted, “My favorite part was to see everyone come together to have fun with some competition!”