NHS Tennis Looks to Contine Its Over a Decade Long Playoff Season Run This Spring

By: Jake Johnston

Not many teams can maintain a streak of making the playoffs for a few years, let alone over a decade.

The Boys and Girls Tennis Teams of Newnan High School have the longest consecutive playoff streaks at Newnan, and they’re primed for another deep playoff run. With returning seniors and plenty of young talent on the boy’s and girl’s teams, the streak doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy.

The boys have all seven starters returning including five seniors along with some new players looking to make an immediate impact.

Coming off of a trip to the round of sixteen last year, the boys’ team looks to not only continue the playoff streak, but make a deep playoff run.

Nathan Stewart, NHS senior, described what it takes to make the playoffs, “You’ve gotta have the desire. You’ve got to want to win. It starts with raw talent, and then it’s hard work and dedication.”

The players take pride in the playoff streak, and for many of them, they expect nothing but to continue it.

Senior and four year NHS Tennis player Robert Estes discussed what it means to make the playoffs, “It’s just expected at this point. It’s our legacy.”

Another four year NHS Tennis player, Thomas Touchstone, described how making the playoffs has become “the smallest goal” of the team as the expectations grow each year.

The girls team is also looking to maintain a playoff streak of over a decade.

They will be led by returning seniors Olivia Dumas and Rachel McMahon, NHS seniors, who were apart of the girls team that also made a run to the sweet sixteen last year.

Dumas boasted a twenty three and two record at the one singles position which was one of the best in the region, but the success of the team will largely depend on the incoming players and the impact they can make in their first year.

Dumas noted how the playoff streak is more than just a personal challenge to each player, “It means our team hasn’t let Newnan High School down.”