Super Bowl LI Review

Sports Commentary by: Bennett Rowan

Super Bowl LI was one to remember to say the least. Although, I’m sure that Atlanta fans wish that they could forget.

The Atlanta Falcons started the game playing as if they were the clear favorites. They jumped out to a 21-0 lead after a Devonta Freeman run, Matt Ryan pass and Robert Alford pick-six.

The New England Patriots closed the first half out with a field goal, making the halftime score 21-3.

Atlanta received the kickoff at the beginning of the second half, and the Falcons continued just where they left off in the first half with a Tevin Coleman run putting them up 28-3.

Barring a miraculous comeback, it seemed as if the Falcons would knockoff the Patriots and become the champions of Super Bowl LI.

A miraculous comeback, however, was exactly what Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had drawn up.

With 10:00 remaining in the third quarter, the momentum of the game completely shifted towards the Patriots.

After scoring a touchdown, the Patriots were only down sixteen points, but the two touchdowns two point conversions they needed to tie started to seem more and more possible with each possession.

Although this feat seemed impossible as the time ticked away, Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots did not think so, and they began the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

With a little luck, a sack by Dont’a Hightower forced a Falcons fumble gave Brady the ball only down by two possessions and two conversions.

A touchdown and converted two point conversion later, the game was suddenly a one possession contest..

The Falcons answered with a drive down the field looking to seal the deal by putting them up two scores late in the game.

While in field goal range, the Falcons’ Offensive Coordinator made some very interesting play calls.

The Falcons attempted to pass on first down and got sacked. Two failed pass conversions and a holding penalty later, Atlanta was forced to punt back to the Patriots.

This gave Tom Brady the ball late in the fourth quarter with a chance to tie the game and send the Super Bowl for the first time in history into overtime.

Tom Brady was his usual self as he drove his offense 91 yards to tie the game with a touchdown and a successful two point conversion.

This sent the game to overtime with Patriots having what seemed all the momentum heading into additional minutes.

After winning the coin toss and electing to receive, the Patriots again gashed Atlanta’s defense and made the game winning drive with a touchdown from James White.

This marked the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history as New England was able to overcome a huge 25 point deficit coming into the second half, scoring 31 answered points.

Tom Brady impressed everyone as he turned on in the second half after being nearly shut down in the first half. Brady threw for 466 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Brady was clearly named the MVP of the game as he added to his collection with his 5th Super Bowl ring, most by any quarterback in the history of the league. Brady now holds the record for most Super Bowls won passing Joe Montana’s previous record of four.

This is a hard one to swallow for the Atlanta Falcons and their fan base as the entire state seemed to put their hearts behind their team, but the young Falcons team and reigning MVP look to make it back to the big game next season.