History Bowl Qualified for Nationals

By: Nadia Keith

Newnan High School’s History Bowl recently qualified for the National Championship in Washington D.C.

Coach John Garner presented the idea of a history team three years ago, and ever since then, the team has been successful.  

The History Bowl Team consists of twelve members, and NHS has had the team for three years. This year, the team introduced a Junior Varsity team alongside their Varsity team.

Every Tuesday, the team meets to prepare for their three History Bowl competitions a year.

The topics that could possibly be covered in competition questions range from the history of sports to the history of America. Because of this wide range of possibilities, different team members specialize in certain areas of history.

This year, History Bowl qualified at the regional tournament in Jackson.

Coach Garner commented that his favorite part of being the sponsor is “watching the students engage so deeply in a subject I love.”

To become a member of History Bowl, you have to be a member of History Club.

As far as the future of the team, Coach Garner would like to see the team continue to grow and even see it expand to middle schools.