National Honor Society Host Say Yes to the Dress

By: Hannah Johnson

The Newnan High School National Honor Society will be hosting a Say Yes to the Dress event. Say Yes to the Dress is an opportunity for students to bring their former, gently used prom attire.

The students of Newnan High School can try on the donated dresses, shoes and accessories, and if it fits, then students can claim it as their own.

This is the second year for the event, and year two is already off to a strong start with a large initial inventory of formal wear for students to browse.

Last year they received a large amount of clothing from various students, staff and community members. All together there was about forty dresses, a few pairs of shoes and a large amount of accessories for both men and women donated to NHS’ National Honor Society.

Mrs. Cornwell, one of the co-sponsors of National Honor Society at NHS, heard about a similar program at a high school in Florida. She proceeded to discuss the idea with a few fellow staff members, and her students and put it into place.

The initiative was started in hopes that other people can use the dresses, jewelry, shoes, suits and other prom attire from the previous year that otherwise collect dust in a dark closet somewhere.

Mrs. Cornwell, stated, “This gives students, staff and our community an opportunity to help each other while helping themselves.”

She continued to explain how the initiative helps all parties, “We clean out our closets and, in turn, offer a gift to someone else. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.”

All students of Newnan High School should be aware of the event, because just as donations are taken from NHS and the surrounding community,all NHS students are allowed to come look for a dress, accessories and shoes.

Dresses can be dropped off anytime to Room 96 before prom. There will be specific dates, however, for students to try on dresses. The try on dates will be March 1st and 2nd before and after school in room 96.

Newnan students have put in extreme amounts of time and effort to pull off another successful year of Say Yes to the Dress. It requires organization, giving and dedication to make both ends of the event work.

Mrs. Cornwell commented, “I think the commitment to helping others runs deep at Newnan High. Students lead through example, and donating time and materials such as prom dresses proves just how much our students value this school and each other.”

All donations are given out of kindness. Donors do not receive anything in return for their donations other than the gratification of doing good for others.

Sophie Bonomi, a National Honor Society member and NHS senior, said, “I think this is a great idea, because I have known of many girls who didn’t go to prom because they couldn’t find a dress.”

Say Yes to the Dress has helped students of all backgrounds find a formal outfit they can wear to prom, and in some cases, it has been able to answer that nagging anxiety of not being able to find something that either fits correctly or is cost effective.

Mrs. Cornwell noted how the costs of the overall event, from tickets to clothing to food, can be overwhelming.

I would also recommend putting yourself in the shoes of a high school student preparing for prom,” she noted. “The costs grow quickly! This is a great way for you to help curb those expenses.”

By going to the Say Yes to the Dress event, the savings can start to add up and help equal out some dollar signs.

Sarah Ivey Fulmer, Vice President of National Honor Society and NHS senior, commented, “Say Yes to the Dress has helped students be able to attend prom feeling happy with the way they are dressed.”

The event has grown into a local initiative to exchange prom dresses and allow students, staff and community members to get rid of unwanted formal attire. With over thirty dresses in stock to begin the second year, the event is expected to last for many years to come.