Journalism: March Madness Bracket Challenge 2017

Sports Commentary By: Jake Johnston

NHS’ 3rd block Journalism class has created a March Madness group on the ESPN app, and last year’s bracket challenge has been brought back into style with a new class of journalists and a digital twist. 

There is no prize for having the winning bracket aside from pride in being the best.

All brackets were entered before the first round of 64 game on Thursday, March 16th.

Meet the Competitors

Bennett Rowan, a self-proclaimed heavy favorite in this year’s bracket challenge, has Kansas, UCLA, Gonzaga, and Baylor in his Final Four. Although these picks may seem risky, they will definitely pay off if he is correct.

Thomas Touchstone has a final four of West Virginia, Duke, Kansas, UNC. His winner is Kansas.

Seth Rainey has a final four of Duke, Kansas, Gonzaga and UCLA. His winner is Duke.

Jake Johnston has Villanova, Arizona, Purdue, and UCLA in the final four, and his winner is Arizona.

Cade Stotts chose Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, and UCLA to reach the final four, and he picked Kansas as his final team.

Scarlet chose Duke, West Virginia, Kansas, and Kentucky for the final four, and she has Kansas as the winner.

Sam Martin chose Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and UNC for his final four with UNC as the winner.

Nathan Stewart has Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and UCLA in the final four and chose Duke as the winner.

Nadia Keith chose Baylor, West Virginia, Vermont, and Kentucky with Kentucky as her champion.

Our standings will first be posted after the round of 32, and they will then be updated each round.

The winner will claim bragging rights for the next year and hold the NHS bracket challenge title until it is claimed by another student next year.