NHS Student Government Wins Council of Excellence

By: Danna Subia,
President of SGA at NHS

Since the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, the Student Government Association (SGA) at Newnan High School has been working toward the goal of becoming a part of the State of Georgia’s Student Council of Excellence. During the week of February 22nd, they finally accomplished this high achievement.

Mrs. Jenny Welch, Co-Sponsor of SGA, proposed the idea to run for the award to Mrs. Lori Mayes, Co-Sponsor of SGA, and NHS’ SGA in the spring of 2016. Since the seniors were almost ready to leave, the proposition was an extended goal for the officers and members of the upcoming year to take on.

Shortly after, the rest of the Newnan High School’s Student Government was on board and ready to take on the challenge of becoming a Council of Excellence in the State of Georgia.
A little less than a year later, Newnan’s Student Government is the only council of excellence in its region.

The efforts to receive Council of Excellence were led by senior officer and representative Katelyn and Stephanie Cannon.

Front: Hannah Marriaga, Katelyn Cannon, Stephanie Cannon with the Council of Excellence Award and Ashley Hernandez. Second Row: Carson Greene, Juan Felix, Maelynn Strickland, Erin Lamb and Katie Finger. Third Row: Addison Andrews, Carson Hamlin, Sophie Bonomi and Maddie Cramer. Fourth Row: Lexus Butler, Sara Ivey Fulmer, Claire Piontek, Nigel Barrow, Luke Morgan and Jenna Stover. Fifth Row: Dom Rados, Romina Subia, Danna Subia, PeJe Harris, Rob Gallagher, Zach Quick, Romir Fowler and Heather Sibley.

Some of the activities that were involved in the process were events such as the cleaning up of Armory Road, as well as SGA visiting Atkinson Elementary School for a leadership workshop.

Working the projects, initatives and activities into students’ already packed scheduled was the most challenging part of earning the award. Junior representative Dominik Rados mentioned that the most difficult task was “The time. You always feel like you need more of it.”

To qualify for the award, a student council must complete a number of diverse service projects. Some of the required service projects had already been projects that SGA took part in, but the majority were new. For example, the council had never before taken part in Bridging the Gap. This year, the SGA has gotten multiple clubs to commit to donating multiple household necessities for Bridging the Gap to distribute.

This and many other projects contributed to the successful recognition as a SGA Council of Excellence.

The upcoming 2017-18 school year’s SGA will be run by Mrs. Amber Steele as well as a fresh class of officers. The officer election takes place in early may, to replace the leaving seniors with the current juniors soon to become seniors.

According to Dom Rados, candidate for President, SGA will not stop at just student council of excellence in the State of Georgia, and instead of settling for what it has already accomplished, next year SGA will be running for national spotlight.

With a great class of Juniors ready to become the leaders of this stellar organization, NHS’ SGA is sure to have a bright future in leadership.