Journalism Bracket Competition Update: Round of 64 and 32

Sports Commentary by: Jake Johnston

As we near the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament, the Journalism Bracket Challenge is already getting out of hand.

There were multiple upsets that busted brackets over the weekend including Louisville, Villanova and Duke losing in the second round.

Duke losing basically eliminated Nathan and Seth as they picked them to win the entire tournament. Cade, Thomas, Sam and Nadia had Duke in their final, so their loss is bound to hurt them too, but the effects may be delayed somewhat.

Villanova’s loss only badly hurt Jake (myself) as he had them in the final four, but he still has three of his final four teams remaining.

Bennett may be tied for seventh, but he is the last member of the group with all of his final four teams remaining. So while Bennett may be down for now, he is by far not out.

Jake leads the group with 520 points which is fifty more than second place.

Cade Stotts sits alone in second place with 470 points.

Aside from Nadia, who currently is holding down last place with 370 points, most of the competitors have between 460 and 410 points and are looking to make a run to pass Jake in first place.

After the Sweet Sixteen round, the bracket challenge will be updated to track our competitors and how they are proceeding as the Elite Eight approaches.