And then there were four: Journalism’s Bracket Challenge Approaches Its End

Sports Commentary By: Jake Johnston

As we await the final four on Saturday, the Journalism Bracket Challenge is as wide open as ever.

The tournament itself continues to produce the madness it claims as many upsets took place in the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight.

Florida and South Carolina both upset multiple teams to advance to the Elite Eight, and South Carolina prevailed in their matchup on Saturday to make the Final Four.

Oregon upset Kansas in a great game on Saturday to earn their ticket to the Final Four while Gonzaga and North Carolina also advanced.

The rankings feature new leaders and new hopes for those have been at the bottom of the brackets.

No one had South Carolina in the final four, so their run has hurt everybody’s bracket.

Cade Stotts holds first place in the bracket challenge after the Elite Eight matchups, but with Kansas as his champion, his tenure at the top faces diminishing odds of survival.

UNC was a popular pick in the final four, and Sam, who is currently in second place, has them winning the entire tournament. He has a very high chance of winning if UNC goes on to win it all.

Cade, Bennett and Seth were the only ones who had Gonzaga in the final four which put them ahead of multiple other member of the bracket who missed all of the final four teams.

Thomas Touchstone correctly picked North Carolina as a final four team, but all of his other teams are out, so he and the other competitors that have no teams left are out of contention.

While many brackets have been busted beyond repair, the few with teams surviving the tournament face three more games until a winner can officially be announced.

Bragging rights will then be conferred upon the number one spot.

An updated and final ranking of the bracket challenge will be posted following the conclusion of the games this weekend.