NHS Drama Rocked Audience with “Rock of Ages”

By: Scarlet Webb

The Newnan High School Drama Department truly brought back the 80´s with their performance of ¨Rock of Ages 101: High School Edition.¨

The musical featured a soundtrack of classic 80´s hits, superb acting skills and true-to-time sets all performed, showcased and built by Newnan High School students.

The students performed this year’s Spring Spectacular from March 25-28 after months of preparation and rehearsal. Over sixty students made the production possible, and the hard work they contributed shows.

The whole Newnan High School Auditorium was decorated with the instruments of classic rock bands as well as the album covers of iconic 80s bands. Upon entering the theatre, it was visible that a lot of effort had been put into the set of the musical. Large signs with logos from the play, such as ¨The Bourbon Room¨ or ¨Arsenal¨ hung above the exit doors on either side of the stage.

When the curtains rose and the production began, the audience was greeted by the narrator and head assistant at the Bourbon Room, Lonny Barnett, played by William Harris. He explained the story of The Sunset Strip and how Sherrie Christian, played by Erin Lamb, traveled there to pursue her acting career.

The famous Bourbon Room club, owned by Dennis Dupree, played by Evan Hamilton, is home to the city´s youth and rocker population. When Sherrie arrives here, the bar hand, Drew, played by Andrew Richardson, convinces Dennis to give her a job as a waitress.

Meanwhile, the city´s mayor, played by Lindsey Jordan, and her hippie assistant, Anita Bathe, played by Katie Finger, face a bigger problem. The German mother and son duo, Hilda and Franz, played by Abby Russell and Nick Hicks, have come to the Sunset Strip in an effort to convince the mayor to rebuild the city in a clean, efficient model and offer her a lot of financial compensation to do so.

When Dennis learns that this redevelopment includes tearing down the Bourbon Room, he calls the famous rock star, Stacee Jaxx, played by Brennan Rayburn. Stacee´s band, Arsenal, has just announced their break-up, so Dennis convinces Stacee to perform their last show in the Bourbon Room, the place where their career started.

The play evolves into a complicated love triangle between Sherrie, Drew, and Stacee, full of misunderstandings, musical performances, slurpees, and the bromance dance.

The performances and acting by the Newnan High Students was phenomenal, so the future looks bright for the upcoming musicals and plays