Hal Richards Graduates This May With A Total of Six All State Chorus Trips

By: Nadia Keith

Hal Richards is a Newnan High School senior who recently attended his sixth All State chorus.

All State chorus is available to students from seventh grade to twelfth grade, but you are required to go through two sets of auditions.

The first audition is composed of sight reading, singing a selected song and taking a written exam over music terms. To get through to the next audition, you have to get a certain composite score.

Attending all six of the All State choruses that he was eligible for didn’t recently become a goal for him.

“Accomplishing a goal that I set for myself in the seventh grade tells me that I can do anything that I set my mind to, “ commented Hal.

From the time Hal could talk, he was singing as well. He began getting involved in chorus in fourth grade, and from there, his passion for singing grew along with him.

His favorite choral memory was from his freshman year when he sang “Love is Blindness” by Jack White. “I gave the audience the best performance I could and when I finally finished singing the last note, the audience erupted into applause. I had never had a happier moment,” he explained.

Newnan High School’s choral director Elizabeth Robbins has influenced Hal’s music career the greatest by pushing him to be the most technical and best singer that he can be.

Some musicians that he enjoys listening to are Bach, Jack White and Lin Manuel Miranda.

Along with being involved in the NHS chorus, he has also been active in the drama department. He has participated in a variety of NHS drama productions.

His favorite class has been AP Calculus BC, because “it has pushed me academically just as All-State has pushed me musically.”

When Hal isn’t singing or crushing numbers, he also enjoys spending his free time with his friends and family.

Hal plans on attending the University of Georgia in the fall and has the full intention of joining a choir.

For now, he is anticipating his final Variety Show because that is where he found his love and passion for music.

Hal’s exceptional work ethic and determination has allowed him to attend six All State Chorus events paving the way for college success.