A Sister Wishes Her Twin Well in Durham

Student Reflection By: Stephanie Cannon

The sound of the cheering fans at the basketball games, the beauty of the gorgeous chapel with its intricate stained glass designs adding warmth as the sun’s rays shine through, the smell of a spring day in Durham, North Carolina, as the rain drips off the stone cottage-styled buildings are the sights and sounds that surround the campus at the prestigious Duke University.

An addition to this university’s legacy will come from Newnan, Georgia. Katelyn Cannon also known as the intelligent, kind trombone player who I also have the privilege to call my twin.

Katelyn is more than just your average student.

She is an accomplished leader in every club she is a member in, specifically the band program. She is the principal chair trombone player in Newnan High School’s Symphonic Winds, where she is known for her rich sound, especially in brass features such as “Ecstatic Fanfare.”

When a group of students left their classroom to visit the band room to learn about instruments, she used her gift of music to inspire them. In fact, one boy was so enamored with her playing that he kept asking her to play again and again. This experience prompted Katelyn to visit the classroom and allow him the chance to listen to more of her famous glissandos.

In fact, the thing that separates Katelyn from most students is her incredibly welcoming heart. She seeks to include everyone and makes sure that no one feels left out.

When asked why she wanted to attend Duke University, she replied, “I’ve always wanted to help people. I knew that the medical field would be the perfect place for me to make a difference in people’s lives for Christ. Being part of such a prestigious program as Duke University’s medical program would open up so many doors for me to be able to live out my passion of serving others all over the world.”

I have been able to see this love for people firsthand.

When my grandfather was suffering from kidney failure last year, Katelyn would sit by him for hours listening to his stories, telling him about her career plans, showing him different Snapchat filters and getting him anything that he needed the second he asked for it.

Her time spent with him serves as evidence of the gift she has for caring for those in need.

Katelyn Cannon’s love for people has taught me that the purest motivation for attending a top-ranked university is to use your gifts to serve God and others. She truly exemplifies the term a “servant’s heart” in every aspect of her life.

Duke University is privileged to be able to have my twin sister walking along its sidewalks this fall, as she will leave an impact on the campus that the students around her will never forget.