SEC Baseball Looks At Fierce Conference Play

Sports Commentary by: Nathan Stewart

NCAA Southeastern Conference (SEC) game play is just starting to really heat up, and each team is competing for a spot in the postseason. Each team is throwing their best guys at each other, and the results have been some very intriguing matchups.

Arkansas is currently the best team in the conference and leading the SEC West, with an 11-4 record in conference play, and boasting a league leading 30-8 record. The Razorbacks played Georgia this past week and easily cruised by finishing the series with an 11-4 win.

Florida is also one of the better teams in the SEC, and though they are second in the SEC East, they may have the most dominating pitching in the conference along with the potential for the most explosive offense.

This last week Florida’s bats showed the potential they have, unleashing a 20-8 victory over an underrated Vanderbilt.

Florida is making a statement with this win, showing that they are no joke this season and are looking at making it to Omaha.

Florida is rightfully number ten in the nation, and the Gators do not plan on relinquishing that mark any time soon. They will continually climb until they are sitting at number one.

A surprise this season, the Kentucky Wildcats sit at the top of the SEC with a 10-5 record in the conference. With Florida hot on their tails and what looks to be a likely matchup with Arkansas in the SEC championship, Kentucky has not cracked under the pressure.

Missouri is another outstanding team in the regular season, but so far in conference play they have not been able to get a leg up. Tied for best overall record in the SEC East with a 26-12 record, it is obvious the Tigers can play.

But 8 of their losses have come in conference play which can be a big blow to a team.

One of the SEC’s other Tigers, LSU has a very good record this year as well and are only two wins out of first. Led by senior pitcher Jared Poche, the Tigers look to make a run for the top spot in the west.

To get to Arkansas, the Tigers will need to be better than Mississippi State and Auburn

Mississippi State is a quiet team that always seems to get the job done. They currently hold a one game lead tied with Auburn over LSU.

But for them to top Auburn, they have to be better on the road. Auburn has shown with an 8-4 road record that home field advantage does not apply to them.

Every team may not have a shot to play in the SEC championship, but if all SEC teams finish the season strong, they can make the tournament play, which is the ultimate goal for every college.